a little old, a little new

All of the time I have been making quilts and other sewn items I’ve been reading about quilting practice and keeping an eye on the work of other quilters. I love browsing through the images of finished pieces (hours spent on Pinterest anybody?!) but, funnily enough, rarely came across a quilt that I would be interested in having in my house.

When I started making pieces it was with unconventional materials, often recycled or found materials, such as second-hand linens and silk scarves, the types of materials I previously picked up at flea markets but with no purpose in mind. My style also steers away from complicated designs with heavy stitching (although I am very much in awe of quilters who master the more complex techniques!) and each piece is limited to a small palette of colours. The quilts I made are quilts that I would happily keep in my own home and wouldn’t look overly fussy or out of place.

Having worked in that style for a while I’ve decided to create a full collection of quilts called a little old, a little new. The idea is to combine old techniques with new design, and old fabrics – second hand vintage scarves – with new fabrics – warm, heavy linen. The pictures of the quilt on this page are of the first quilt in that collection. And it’s sooooo pretty!

The front of the quilt is made of two fabrics; the base is a light linen and the top is a very pretty polyester vintage scarf with a crest detail. The back is the most incredible embroidered white cotton, which I also picked up second hand. The binding is royal blue satin – very nice to touch and it compliments the very different texture of the linen and the embroidery.

It’s the perfect size for a baby’s bed, or even nicer, to wrap around your lap to keep your legs warm when reading or blogging into the night (sound familiar anyone?!). In addition to starting the collection, I’m running a campaign on Irish fundraising website Fund It, to support the purchase of the materials to make the collection. But I’ll do a separate post on that during the week!

I’m really thrilled to have my first piece on display, I just wish technology was at the point where you could touch the lovely fabrics 🙂


Note on the pictures: I’m moving house shortly and will have a nice workshop set-up for taking much better pictures of future pieces. I’m also very new to taking pictures of my work so please forgive my trial and error! Also, if there seems to be faint pink lines on the quilt in the pictures it’s because there are faint pink lines on the quilt for real! I’m still working a little on it and haven’t wiped the chalk marks off yet!


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