Linen & Roses

So I know this is totally girly, but when I spotted the pink roses fabric at a market I had to pick it up and I knew I had some linen at home that would be prefect with it! The Pink Roses Baby Collection is my first full set, and in fact there are more pieces to come with matching fabric. My incredibly talented Mother-soon-to-be-in-law, Agnès, has matching fabric and plans on making pieces to match when she finds a little time.

By the way, the beautiful refurbished chaise longue you see in these pics – renovated by Agnès! That woman is a tour de force when it comes to giving furniture a new lease of life! I hope to have much more from her on this blog once we find a little time!

The quilt was all machine made, although I tried my hand at hand-quilting for the first time and it didn’t come out all that bad! The fabrics are all cotton and linen, so this is completely different to the set I’m working on for my Fund It campaign – a different style and for a more traditional home than a modern style home. But pretty nonetheless! The quilt is thin but quite warm because of the linen, so it’s perfect for a baby’s cot, as it’s not really bulky.

This was my first time trying this particular cushion pattern and now I’m totally addicted to it! I’ve already made two others in different fabrics! I loooooove round cushions and this pattern is really quick, easy to follow and, most importantly, forgiving of mistakes when cutting the fabrics. I found the tutorial on Pinterest – check it out!

I wanted to put in a close up of the bunting so that you get an idea of what it’s like, but the photo itself is naff! We’re moving house in two weeks and I’m so excited about the really great workshop space I’ll have in my new place and have already earmarked the corner for photographing work. The plan is to hang a rail so that I can attach sleeves to quilts and hang them for photographing, but I’m not 100% sure how this will work – must flick through Pinterest for a few tutorials! By the way, if you’re on Pinterest, look me up!

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