Four little ducks went swimming

It’s been a very long few weeks with preparing to move to a new house Saturday next, and holding a wee party to celebrate leaving the old one, so I wanted to upload these pics sooner but didn’t have a moment. We’re also heavily involved in shooting a film at the moment too! Our flatmate Gaelle is a wonderful filmmaker and has been working for a long time on an idea about different relationship styles and why they work and don’t, and how, in the end despite the many different types of relationships in the world, similar ideas recur all the time, across generations. (If you’re curious you can see the trailer here. Apart from my speaking, it’s in French!). Gaelle was interested in me and my Belgian man because of our determination to make it work through the long distance (Ireland – Belgium) and our changing ideas of relationships as we got to know eachother. Gaelle is an incredible filmmaker, I’m really excited to see the finished product, even if it does involve repeating the simplest of actions over and over again to get them from multiple angles!

In addition to that, I’ve been trying to keep an eye on my Fund It campaign and encourage support. The Fund It model is a brilliant one – people can support a wide variety of cultural projects in return for rewards specific to that project. In return for supporting my campaign I make quilts & cushions in a new style I’m working on (detailed in my first post here), and they are delivered to your home once I’ve purchased the materials and worked on the pieces. Once I’ve reached my target amount (€1,500) I’ll get cracking on finding those materials, however I don’t want to jump the gun just yet – 15 days to go ! Eeeeek!

So, more quilting has been done, wahey!! This pretty collection is called Ducks and is made out of almost 100% recycled/found materials. The wadding in the quilt and the cushion are new but all other materials come from different homes. The very sweet patterned material and the base for the front of the quilt are both really soft old fabrics that I discovered in a second hand warehouse. Once I took a scissors to them and threw them in the washing machine they came out so well.

The little applique ducks, the backing on the baby changing mat and some of the pieces in the cushion wheel are of towels that I had at home but never used because the colours are a bit… well, unsuitable for a house where everything is in shades of red, pink, orange, black and gold (there’s a very specific aesthetic in our place, something…. Venusbergian…). So I needed a new life for the quilts and these little ducks popped into my head!

All of the pieces are washable and the baby changing mat is designed to be durable and folds up quite neat. The buttons on the changing mat and cushion come from a pretty cardigan of mine, but which looked silly with wooden buttons. They so much better placed here!

My own brand labels arrived too. They come from a very handy little Etsy shop called Mommie Made It and they’re just perfect for popping onto everything I make. I’ve also ordered a rubber stamp which will be brilliant when posting out rewards to supporters on the Fund It campaign! But it hasn’t arrived at my gaff yet so I can’t show you but pics coming soon!

Have a great week, happy Monday y’all!



2 thoughts on “Four little ducks went swimming

  1. Oohh, so pretty! The cushion is so cute and huggable looking 🙂 I’m always wary about putting buttons on baby things, terrified I won’t sew them on tight enough! Best of luck with FundIt, brilliant idea!

  2. Hey Susan, thanks a million!
    I’m the same with buttons so always try to make the stitching so tight on them!
    Hope you’re really well!
    a x

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