A quilt for Rita

Every year for Christmas my whole extended family on my Mum’s side takes part in Kris Kinder. For those of you on the other side of the Atlantic it’s like Secret Santa, without the secret! All the names go into a hat and we each get someone to buy for within a set spend limit. For Christmas 2011 I got my Nan, Rita. A brief conversation with Nan revealed she only wanted one thing – a back scrub – so I immediately decided I’d make her a unique “Rita” care package.

Nan sits with an older lady in the evenings to keep her company at home and make sure she doesn’t want for anything during the evening (I should point out at this stage that my Nan is exceptionally young for a grandmother of… how many are we… 14!). I decided to make Nan a small lap quilt that she could take with her to sit, and a book to keep her entertained.

I had just found a perfect piece of heavy linen, and knew it would work really well with two old fabrics I had – one bought and one a reclaimed pair of curtains. The colours are a creamy pink and toile blue (the pics aren’t great, I was experimenting with Hipstamatic when I was making this piece) that made me think of Rainbow Brite every time I started work on it – “pink and blue makes a paradise come true” anyone?!

I am also working on a MASSIVE hexagon project at the moment – I have almost the full front of a double bed quilt with a heart in coloured hexagons – and love the hexagon pattern, so I decided to do something quick and simple with large hexagons. Also, my binding on the edge of the quilt always veers to the thin side, so I tried for a large full binding, made from the same fabrics as the hexagons, to be an additional feature, not just to bind the edges. Each of the little hexagons have an extra piece of wadding underneath them too, to make them “pop” a little. My wonderful mother-to-be-in-law gave me a hand with the very pretty embroidery in the centre, so that my Nan won’t forget it belongs to her and nobody else!

I have to say, I loved working on this project. I love all of my quilts but there was something about making a piece for my Nan that was extra special. We used to come home to her house every day after school when we were kids, and she introduced us to the world of flattened cardboard boxes for drawing, salted play dough and semolina and I love her for it. My crafting definitely started in my home, first with Nan and with my Mum later and her knitting. Thank you to the wonderful female role models I lucky enough to have!

Also, if you haven’t yet done so, check out my Fund It project!! 14 days to go 🙂


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