Pinterest & a new community

A wild link chase on the internet last night led me to a very interesting post on Pinterest. I’ve been reading a heap about the image collection platform, mostly because I’m slightly addicted to it but also because it has raised some issues within the crafting and DIY communities.

I’m so new to the community that I don’t actually feel like I know anyone well or quite belong just yet, but I’m getting there and read as much as possible about what I’m doing. One of the most helpful resources, in terms of finding out about other crafters, starting to think about issues within the sector and getting the low-down on who is who, is Craftypod. The blog of the prolific Sister Diane, Craftypod is a visual treat and Diane is constantly raising issues about practice as a crafter.

I came across a post a few months ago about Pinterest, mentioning the two most prevalent problems; i) people pinning images and not linking back to the original source of the image when the image doesn’t belong to them, so scuppering a search and taking credit away from the image owner; and ii) people posting an image of an original craft work with a note on how they plan to create the same work themselves, which crosses into the muddy waters of intellectual copyright infringement. I have been involved in so many discussions on this before, coming from the music sector, and it’s the first time I’ve come across it in crafting circles. But it’s a big issue for many people, and also one of the reasons I haven’t yet pinned any images of my own work, although they’re on my blog for others to pin.

(Here’s a picture of some pretty fabric I picked up today, because this post is rather more text heavy than I wanted it to be!)

The wild links chase last night led me to The Sick Chick and her take on Pinterest on Craft Test Dummies site. This is a compelling read, not just because she’s a pretty good writer, but also because Juliann who writes the blog, is a former intellectual property attorney, current crafter so knows what she’s talking about with regard to Pinterest! Juliann covered yet another issue in relation to image-sharing on Pinterest and intellectual property – once you pin an image, Pinterest owns the rights to do what they like with the image in relation to their own sales & marketing purposes. After reading her post, I messaged my sister, a brilliant photographer who has a Pinterest Board dedicated to her photography. Ead said she had read all around the issue, was aware of the ownership issues but wan’t overly bothered by it and still uses it as a resource for her work.

So, I’m a little torn on the whole thing right now. At the moment I use Pinterest mostly for tutorials and to get my off my ass if I haven’t sat at my sewing machine in a while. I’ve found it an incredible resource for finding sewing tutorials on techniques and new ideas. I’ve already made used it to make these deadly cushions (which you may have spotted in my Pink Roses Baby Collection and my Baby Ducks Collection!). Last night while searching for ideas for storage for my many fabrics, I found this pin, followed the links and found a great post by Katy. Long story short, I remade our manky old ironing board today and it’s deadly! Have a look at the pics! New home, new living space, new ironing board in the corner! I didn’t take a pic of the old one and that’s probably for the best as it was cream and covered in all sorts of unknown stains. So, enjoy the pics! Are you on Pinterest? What do you use it for specifically?

a x

PS – This is the corner in my atelier that I’ll be using for photography from now on, for my Etsy shop and for here. Heaps of natural light, block colours in the background and the amazing little couch my boyfriend’s mother made for the new space!


2 thoughts on “Pinterest & a new community

  1. Hi, Aisling – wow, thank you so much for the very kind words about my blog! I’m beyond thrilled that you’re enjoying it and finding it useful.

    The Pinterest situation is fascinating, isn’t it? I think each of us ultimately has to make his or her own decision about whether to use it, and how to use it.

    I can absolutely understand how many photographers are feeling about the copyright-infringement aspect of Pinterest, although I don’t feel the same sense of protection for my own images. Pinterest is a big traffic-driver to my blog, but when I do a search for images pinned from my blog, it’s always a dismaying experience – so many images pinned with bad attribution. Creative-commons images I’ve used on my blog with proper credits simply pinned as “from CraftyPod” without any of the Creative Commons info. Ouch.

    I’d like to think Pinterest could do some kind of design changes to at least guide its users to more responsible pinning. Their complete lack of response to the growing discussion has been frustrating, and makes me trust them less and less.

  2. It’s also a shame that Pinterest’s limited engagement with the issue of repinning and attribution is just to cover themselves in the case of a challenge from an image owner. The organisation itself if taken care of but doesn’t provide proper guidance to potential or existing pinners. It’s possible they will have to come up with something soon as I’m coming across increasing numbers of posts in my reader. There are so many bloggers thinking critically and writing about the whole idea of Pinterest.

    I came across the most brilliant post on it yesterday from the Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz with a whole new perspective on Pinterest and it’s uses. Well worth a read.


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