Quilting Footballs

I’m delighted that my Fund It campaign ran successfully and thanks so much to all of the amazing friends, family and strangers (new friends!) that pledged. While I wait for the financial process to be complete I’m working on a quilt for my friend Erica. Erica has two lovely boys and at the moment lucky Jude is getting a bedroom makeover. Erica gave me an idea of what he likes (football & dogs) and of a basic style (stripes, red, star shapes) and asked me to create something for Jude.

After much searching, I found some great fabrics for the quilt and am loving the softness of the cotton under my fingers as I sew. The style is not that of the Fund It campaign – this is more traditional and the fabrics are also quite traditional, however, working on this quilt gave me the chance to try out some techniques that I was interested in experimenting with.

Here are a few pics of the work in progress. (The first dreamy instagram pic at the top of the post is just to make you all totally jealous of the amazing sun pouring in my bedroom window as I sit on my bed hand finishing the binding!)

For the life of me, I just couldn’t get my hands on any fabrics with dogs on them! It was totally surprising but none of the shops I tried had any dogs, so we had to give up on that idea. One shop owner gave me a scathing look when I asked, stating ‘We don’t stock those types of fabrics’…. ? What’s so uncool about dogs?! Anyway…

This is the back of the football that I’ll applique on to the top. I decided to put extra wadding behind each football because the fabric is a little thin and I wanted it to “pop” off the quilt.

This isn’t a very sharp pic but I just wanted to illustrate the new techniques I’m exploring. I wanted to quilt stars into the stitching but had no idea how to draw an even sided star. I found this deadly step-by-step online that I’m sure was designed for Primary School kids (‘I painted this star in red but you can ignore that and make it in your favorite color.’ hee hee) but worked perfectly for my purposes.

Ta Daaaa!! It worked!! The football is just placed on top, but I’ll hand applique it into the centre of the star.

So, this is the roughwork but it’s getting there. A good boys quilt I reckon!

a x


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