Weekend doing!

Had (another) weekend of feeling pretty low and very far away from everyone in Ireland. Am going to be much more careful in future about booking flights before they become unaffordable (and will also NEVER let my passport go out of date again, d’oh!) so that I can maintain a grap on both connections. But, what better to do when you’re feeling low than get your hands working and just build, make, do, bake, sew, glue, fix… anything. So, I made a dress! My first with no pattern.

I spotted this amazing fabric the other day when I was scouting shops for the best price for my Fund It rewards (I found the best shop by the way! They’re willing to offer me a 30% discount on bulk-buys, which when you’re buying linen is brilliant as it can become quite expensive!). It’s a navy jersey and although I have always been hesitant to touch jersey because it changes shape so much it’s like cornstarch under the sewing machine needle, I decided to give it a shot! And here we are, wahey! The hem is a bit crap but I love the deep neckline in the front and the way it’s exactly my size! No extra fabric around my small boobs and the right length for my small (short-arse as my aunts used to call me) frame!

Other things from the weekend:

I’ve started on a really pretty quilt but it’s a surprise for someone so I’ll post pics but not too much detail. I got these Five Monkeys fabrics from my Godmother for Christmas and they’re amazing, can’t wait to see the end product. It’s going to be double-sided – a different pattern on both sides, so my friend can choose which side she wants to display.

Also, I don’t have proper thread storage at the moment so all my threads are being bundled into my marbles jar on my desk. Not especially convenient but they’re soooooo pretty and they’re right in front of me so, meh, it’ll do for the moment! Éadaoin, my sister, will remember our Grandmother’s blue jar full of marbles that could entertain two busy minds and four busy hands for hours. I saw this jar and had to have it for the memories of the warmth and smell of Geraniums in my Grandmothers front porch. It’s slowly getting filled with marbles as I come across them in kids shops.

a x


2 thoughts on “Weekend doing!

  1. Hey Carolanne!
    Thanks very much. I made it on my old Singer – I’m missing a part from my new machine so I can’t make large pieces on it just yet but hoping to pick that up this week!
    Much better today – like I said, finishing a piece always has a positive effect
    Have a wonderful Sunday x

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