Oh gosh, I’m terrible at naming posts! I spend too much time thinking about it and then come up with something lame like ‘scarves’… Anyway…

I’m just about to get started on my Fund It collection, a little old, a little new, and I’m really excited about it. Over the next few days I’ll scour the shops, online and off (have already done some offline scouting) and figure out the best prices for the equipment I need. Needless to say the machine is already safely under my desk, waiting for me to start ! There are a few pieces of equipment that will make a massive difference to the speed and professional quality of my work and I want to be sure I get a good deal on them.

However, I have already started picking up some vintage scarves and thought I’d give you a sneak preview. Funnily enough, all of the ones I picked up in the last few days are mostly blue, but I’m a blue kinda girl! Not surprisingly most people opted for cushions, so I’m going to be making about 50 cushions over the next month! This means I’ll have to take a scissors (or a super sharp rotary cutter when I get it!) to the scarves to make the designs work. I’m not too bothered by this but occasionally I come across the most beautiful scarf that I can’t bear to cut. This is one of those. I have only 2 full quilts to make but this beautiful silk Parisian scarf is just too good to cut so it will form the front of one of them.

The detailing on this is gorgeous. It says “20 Regiment Etranger De Parachutistes” and is pure silk. A verrrrrrry lucky find!

I’m really into boxy patterns as they will make really cool quilted shapes on cushions, so was happy to find this one.

One of my favourite things about the scarves is the signature on many of them. Usually something from Paris or London.

This one is kinda Canadian! Might have a look through the list of funders and see if I have any Canadian fans!

And lastly, this is not actually the nicest fabric, but I love the wave on this one. It’s smaller than the others so I might be able to use bigger sections of it on the cushions. Nice!

And more detailing!

I know in the About Me page, I say that I want to use this space to open up discussion and reading. At the moment I’m working at keeping my head over water and as soon as I find my stride again I’ll post something on what I’ve bee reading/listening to recently and the thoughts it provokes. In the meantime, I’m making a zone to go with the rewards for the Fund It Collection and will introduce some ideas there. If you want a copy of that, I’ll post pics as soon as it’s done and people can let me know if they’re interested in getting a hard copy!

a x


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