Postcard Swap

The flow of postcards arriving into my letter box from Hanna’s Postcard Swap has reduced to a trickle so it’s a good time to post pics of my lovely postcards. The swap was such a good idea, and perfect timing for me. I just moved house, am in a different area in Brussels and forming my landmarks & connections all over again. I also just went through a tough period of homesickness after the longest period away from Ireland… Ever… In my whole 30 years (yup, I turned 30 last week, wheeeee!). So a whole pile of really pretty, thoughtful, intimate postcards from around the world arrived at the perfect moment!

This is a pic of all seven postcards together, along with the envelope Lorie sent hers in, because it’s soooo pretty!

Barbara’s postcard was the first to arrive and features little squares of painted pieces in dazzling colour.

Sandra’s postcard arrived with the most perfect timing! With her quote “Behind the clouds the sun is always shining”, she cheered up a sad day for me and gave me a little reminder of the lightness that’s always there if we choose to look for it.

Another prescient arrival – just when I’m trying to find my own sense of “home” Margarida’s postcard arrived from Portugal to remind me that I know exactly where home is, I just need to remember it!

Lorie’s postcard is one after my own heart with a little bit of stitching around the edges and in the centre. I love it!

The rounded corners on Tracey’s postcard are real nice. I must remember to buy one of those little punches that rounds corners… Along with Tracey’s postcard came a reminder to work on my French!

Alice in the US had the wonderful idea of including a recipe for Apple Sauce Cherry Pie with her postcard! I’ll have to try that over the next few weeks, once I get some baking time!

Candace’s postcard arrived on my birthday and I was totally confused! It looks like a birthday postcard but I had no idea who might be sending me postcards on my birthday from Paris! Although I figured it out, it seemed like a nice addition to my lovely birthday post!

I love the idea of the swap and am knocking around ideas for swaps of my own. I’m really stuck for some good reading material at the moment so was thinking of organising some sort of international book swap! But first, back to those cushions!

a x


4 thoughts on “Postcard Swap

  1. Thank you for you lovely comment – so glad it cheered your day.
    i got a sister card from Tracey – so fresh and bright

    1. Yes, i got 9 altogether. one of them inspired my granddaughter – as you can see on our blog.
      What a wonderful event – looking forward to next year!

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