Till mina Svenska vanner (To my Swedish friends)…

God eftermiddag!

My obsessive analysis of my site stats reveal to me that more people are following my blog in Sweden than anywhere else in the world, at the moment. I find this absolutely incredible. Close second is Ireland, then the US and then Belgium. These three I would have expected but Sweden? I’m thrilled! So, halla Swedes! Apologies for my Google translated text but I honestly don’t have a word of Swedish!

I was out at rehearsals yesterday (for this!!!) and wanted to do a bit of hand sewing for the heaps of time I spend watching the rest of the band go through the tunes (I’m only involved onstage in a handful). So, I picked up a quilt I’ve been working on for some time now and hand finished the applique centre and the edge. It’s a gift for a friend for the arrival of her baby daughter.

The fabrics are part of a package I received as a gift for Christmas, in addition to a salvaged linen and some hot pink that I bought for another project in our home. They’re so bright and cheerful; the pictures from my old iPhone don’t really do them justice I think. And I have yet to acquire a better quality camera which I’ll absolutely need when I’m ready for Etsy!

In this pic you can also see the new addition to our jungle – Monique the ficcus. It’s my Beautiful Belgian’s birthday today and that was his gift this morning. Nice!

The quilt is roughly 1metre square and should be perfect as a cot quilt for the first couple of years until something bigger is needed. It started as an experiment in the technique of piecing squares I’m learning from Little Bigs Quilting Bee and I’m delighted with the results.

I’m hit today with a heavy head cold so am off to take a nap and have some honey & lemon tea.

a x


I just realised that I should have included a close up of the fabric so you can see how beautiful it really is. So here are two pics – one of the fabric and a close up of the cushion too!

The cushion pattern comes from this tutorial.


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