Gin, Love, Divilment!

These are a set of cushions that are in a simliar style to the ‘a little old, a little new‘ but with a few small differences. It was a specific commission for a friend and I’m almost finished and I loooooooooove them! I’m absolutely going to be taking more pictures for the Bazaar (coming-to-a-computer-near-you) Etsy shop before they go to their new home!

Looking pretty on the mantlepiece.

Threads still need to be tucked in.

A pretty pile! (I’m trying something different with the images. I realised when I was going through my google reader that I prefer large images in blogs – what do you think? Are they too heavy?).

A very nice thing to happen over the last few months was incredible support from many people I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting. One of these great supporters is Irish Quilting magazine. A piece on ‘a little old, a little new‘, my Fund It project, featured in the latest issue and if you can get your hands on a copy, have a look; it’s available to order on the website. By very kind permission the article is reproduced here:

Thanks so much to Irish Quilting for this piece!

a x


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