Pink and Blue makes..?

Anyone know the answer? 80’s babies?  (Although when I googled the phrase only my past blog post with a simliar title came up… Weird!) Answers on a postcard to PO Box 222222222222!

Anyway, my (very good to me) (future!) Mother-in-law found a treasure trove of scarves for my Fund It cushions and quilts, keeping in mind I like scarves with geometric patterns or lines, for fun quilting. I started working on two today, a pink and a blue one, and they’re brilliant!

They look great again the linen!

I started on cutting them straight after my French class today. I think there may be a small issue with my cutting mat – the silk scarves get stuck to it when I use the rotary cutter, which leaves these thread pulls that I’m not mad about…

This pink is so pretty! The lines make for great quilting stitches.

I’m trying something a little different with these scarves too – instead of a section of scarf in the middle of the quilt I’m putting them across the full width. I’m not sure why I decided to try this, when I was cutting it seemed like the right thing to do and I always go with my instincts. Which is why I’m not great with quilting patterns, I guess.

Marking the quilting lines. You can’t see it here but the side of the pen reads “Please take cap off with hands, not with mouth” eeek! Never heed that warning…

Oh I’m just mad about these fabrics! I can’t wait to see the finished cushions – I have a feeling they’ll be less geometrically interesting, but more vibrant than the ones I’ve done to date in the project.


In other news, here is a wee pic (listening to a Scottish historian on BBC World Service while I write!) of the lovely finished cushions on a chair. The same chair was upholstered by Agnes, my (future) Mother-in-Law. We’re working together on a few collections for the Etsy shop (it’s ALMOST ready, yay!) and she’s incredible! Check out the elegance of this chair!


And one last picture – I’ve decided on another quilt scarf. It’s actually tricky to find one that I really like for a complete quilt, not just  a section of one, but this orange and brown scarf is so bright and beautiful, I couldn’t bear to cut it for cushions.

So, onward and upwards! I’m very excited that we’re almost ready with the Etsy shop – more anon!

a x



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