Thunderbirds are go! (Can I use that phrase or is it TM?!)

The day we’ve all (not just me, right?!) been waiting for is here!


drumroll please………

Bazaar on Etsy! Eeeek! And yayyy!

I’m really very excited about this going live today and more than a little nervous! I’ve been dreaming about having an Etsy shop for a while now but only by running the Fund It Project could I allow myself the time to build the shop and purchase the dream machine that will enable me to work on many more different styles of quilts and other pretty things.

The shop lists things made by both myself and my wonderful Mother-(to-be)in-Law Agnès, which is why it’s a collective, rather than just me on my own. I’d love if eventually we had a larger team working on different items but at the moment we’re happy with us two! At the moment there are only two listings up – I have more ready to go but it takes time to write the description and do all the currency conversions and calculate postage rates, so bear with me until I get a little faster at it! But the two listings give you an idea of what we’re capable of and also of our style. Be our guest and drop by the shop when you have a few free moments. We’re new at this so feedback is very welcome, both on Etsy and in the comments here.

Apologies for all the exclamation marks – I’m both nervous and excited!

a x


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