Cushions & Cushions

We’re up to my eyes in cushions in our apartment. A never-ending pile, no matter how many I give to their owners!  But I love them! I love seeing them all piled up together on the sofa. I’m about to add nine more to their numbers today.

The petite feature cushions that were one of the rewards for the Fund It project are almost done. Here they are waiting to be stuffed and for the final hand stitches to be popped in. I don’t have everybody’s addresses yet, so if you supported the project to the tune of one petite feature cushion, please let me know your address so I can send one of these beauties on to their new home.

In other news, Agnés (I have to learn the shortcut for French e grave on my computer, rather than copy/paste every time I write Agnés’ name!) has finished a pile of beautiful lampshades, some of which she has extra matching fabric that she gave me. The white and grey spotted material in this pic goes very nicely with an old, extremely soft, grey fabric I dyed some time ago. In the last post I mentioned I was brainstorming an idea to work with these fabrics, and found amazing pink ones to match, but haven’t found anything concrete in my tired brain yet. I want to do something simliar to the Baby Collection we have already up on our Etsy shop, but at the moment I’m too focused on the Fund It cushions & quilts. Which is grand! The pic doesn’t do the pink justice, by the way.

I also started that hand quilting on the large quilt that I mentioned. It’s terribly time-consuming but I can already see the results are worth the effort. The quilting makes the little features in the silk pop out. Loverly!

Bazaar is also over on facebook – if you’re ever hanging out in that direction say hi!

a x


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