Climbing those blocks

I mentioned in the last post that I had been struggling some time with an idea for the pink & grey fabrics I have.

Today I finally seem to have jumped whatever mental block was there and, in fact, I’ve been working all morning and am nearly finished a new baby quilt already!

I wanted to try a new herringbone technique I had spotted on bijou lovely blog, and got stuck into measuring and cutting strips.¬†Inevitably, I got distracted by another idea in the process and it changed somewhat but I’m still delighted with the result of a morning spent piecing.

The back is a large piece of the lampshade material (pics to come!) and a stripe of hot pink to cut it. It’s a shame the pink doesn’t come out so well in these pictures, it’s really bright!

I have it pinned in the sandwich, ready to quilt but, horror of horrors, I’m out of a neutral colour thread to do the quilting! So have to tear over to the shop to stock up on my threads. But as it stands I’m delighted with the outcome so far!

Now I need to figure out which accessories to go with it, but already spotted a child’s ball made from fabric in a Cath Kidson book so I might give that a shot! And of course a cushion, or perhaps two this time, depending on the amount of fabric I have left. Am delighted to be over the block and working again!

a x


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