New Collection

I know I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus but I’m in the middle of dealing with a whole pile of personal things at the moment, so bear with me please!

I just finished this very sweet collection this evening, which I have been planning for some time. This is the result of the herringbone idea I mentioned in my last post. It’s no herringbone but I’m thrilled with the result and even though the cushion is different and smaller than I would have liked, it’s still super cute! The ball is a Cath Kidson design from her patch! book (a birthday present from my Mum!), but really it’s a basic 12 pentagon design. I never tried one before and I’m very pleased with how this turned out. Proud as punch actually! Never underestimate how great a finished piece is for both your mental health and your ego. Those of you who know me know I’ve been struggling with a few demons lately, and it’s amazing the extraordinary lift that comes from finishing something with your own hands. I find crafting is the most explicit example of effort = reward.

The quilt came out really well in the end and the best part of it is the grey fabric – it was an old sheet that I dyed to make a dress. I wore the dress once and was trying to figure out something else to do with it when I got the lampshade fabric from Agnés and it was the perfect match. It’s soooooooo soft! I love working with it and I don’t know if it was the dye or the fact that it was already 2nd hand but it’s a dream fabric to hold and manipulate.

I have a suggestion from the lovely Jovita for additional quilted lines and I’m going to add those when I get a moment. Nice, eh?!


Just one small other note – the brilliant Irish Quilting Magazine has a new website and you should all have a look. Swit swoo! And who’s that in the last post on the front page? 😉


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