Pink & Grey collection

One quick blog post this morning, and then I’m really hoping the Belgian sun will make an appearance so I can stock up on some freckles!

I finished the collection I had been puzzling over for some time and I’m very happy now with the outcome. Inspired by a lampshade made by Agnès, I found three additional fabrics in my collection to match the white with grey spots of the lampshade.

So the collection is now complete with quilt, lampshade, petite cushion, soft ball and (of course!) bunting. I spent about 2 hours yesterday making the bunting and it’s so cute!

I use the same template all the time – I never throw out old templates, and keep them all in the back of my design ideas book.

And I just ran it off really quickly with my lovely Bernina. I edged the bunting with pinking shears so that I could stop the edges fraying without going to the trouble of turning it inside-out. Nice! This collection will go up on Etsy and I’ve already been talking with Agnès about the Christmas Markets here in Belgium. Those items that don’t sell on Etsy before November we will take with us to the markets. We’re also going to work on stockpiling collections for the Christmas markets. YAY!


Speaking of Etsy, I have another item up on the Bazaar Etsy page, whoop! I made these fun cushions as a commission for a friend and they came out so well, and she was so happy with the result, that I thought other people might like simliar cushions with their own words printed on them. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Irish colloquialisms, “divilment” is a particularly Irish form of mischief! Unfortunately the pictures aren’t great as I had to give them to her before I’d had time to do a real photo shoot but these pics give you an idea!

Also, for those of you who didn’t see my Facebook celebrating during the week, someone “favourited” one of my items on Etsy! It’s the small things that count!

Fund It

I finished all of the petite feature cushions for my Fund It project and delivered those last weekend (here they are in the pic, not quite finished!). They’re so cute but making them was a bit of a learning curve. I put as much work into the small ones as I do into the large cushions but can’t charge much for them as they’re very small. So I don’t think I’ll make more of those unless they’re specifically requested or a part of a set. Learning every day!

Bon Weekend All

a x


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