Ah roses…

If you didn’t already know it, I might as well tell you now – I’m a sucker for roses. Anything to do with roses whatsoever. I can’t pass them in the street without stopping for a quick sniff; inhaling in the process perfume, petals, bugs and all! I love rose water tonic for my skin, Jo Malone’s Red Roses perfume (although I stopped buying that after finding palm oil in the ingredients, nuts to it), roses in a vase by my bed and fabrics with roses in the pattern.

This evening I’m working on two new cotton fabrics, both with flowers, one roses. I just bought a small sewing kit with me for the weekend to my in-law’s in the countryside, where Agnès has started working on two new lampshades with these fabrics. So I was able to start some of the smaller bits & pieces but not a quilt or cushion until I’m back in my house. Apologies for the quality of the pics – the light kept changing as I was working and I was too engrossed in what I was doing to concentrate on the pictures!

I really like the softness of the pink and cream roses in this fabric. I’ve started now on the bunting and some pentagon shapes, probably for another small ball. Although this fabric is really more of an adult fabric so perhaps not the ball. We’ll see…

Ah bunting! I love it!

The second fabric reminds me of the types of fabric and wallpaper patterns by Dad’s sister Mary used to have in her bedroom when we were kids. I loved playing in there, it always smelled like talcum powder and make-up and she had the prettiest taste in patterns. So this is Mary’s Collection!

Again, I started pentagon shapes for a ball but might decide on something else when I’ve worked on the quilt. (Oh, in the background of that picture you can see a beautiful new piece of upholstery Agnès is working on at the moment!)

Oh it’s just so pretty! I love the tiny blue blackberries! Now, the big question – what types of quilts should I work on with these fabrics?!

a x


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