Cream Roses Collection

Yesterday I worked on the quilt top for the Cream Roses Collection. I found a great rich yellow fabric in my stash which picks up the yellow of the roses. I also had an old curtain that I found in the Petit Rien, which, after washing and cutting, came out a great cream colour. It’s heavier than the roses or the yellow fabrics but I quite like mixing fabrics in any case.

I used the triangle piecing technique from the wonderful book little bits Quilting Bee from Kathreen Ricketson of WhipUp (love that blog!) and it came out pretty well. I’m having a wee problem with my new Bernina, in that the bobbin thread sometimes loops instead of pulling tight. I think it’s got to do with how tight the thread is wound onto the bobbin – it never goes on perfectly for me. But once I sorted that the piecing came out quite well!

The top looked so pretty when I finished it quite late last night. I worked on the bottom too, which is the plain cream fabric with a stripe of yellow down the middle. Nice! This is the least baby-like and the most feminine of all of the quilt tops I’ve worked on to date. I love it!

I have almost four completed collections now, one of which is already up on Etsy for sale. These smaller projects give me a distraction when the many Fund It cushions I’ve worked threaten to take over my life! I just spent two hours in the bowels of one of Belgium’s many bureaucratic nightmares, signing papers and answering random questions, so I’m going to take a few minutes to myself for a cup of tea and to read a little more of Kari Chaplin’s The Handmade Marketplace! It would be great to start selling now that I have all of these lovely pieces ready!

a x


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