Fund It Project Update

The next bunch of cushions for my Fund It project are ready to go. I hand delivered a few the last time I was in Ireland, which was so nice, as I got to talk to people and catch up on everything Fund It related. This next bunch will go in the post.

I took a photo of my storage wardrobe with piles of them lined up like ducks, but it was too dark and looks awful so I’ll try again in the morning when there’s more light in that room. In the meantime, here are a few in a bag ready to be wrapped!

The new bunch that I’m working on will have pink scarves and I’m also thinking about this greyscale scarf too. I’ll try one first with the greyscale though, because it may look too bland on the linen.

I love scarves with handwritten signatures and try to use them on the cushions where I can!

Also, I’ve decided, I’m definitely going to use this scarf for one of the lap quilts and will get working on that now. I think I’ll hand quilt it, although I’m going to have to get a thumb-protector because I jabbed my thumb when I was quilting last week and have a horrible bruise under my nail now – ouch! I love the handpainted finish on this, so very pretty!

I’m struggling at the moment with the look of this blog – I like minimal design on print and online material, but I think the space here is a lacking in information on the homepage. Also, I’m lucky enough to get some tips from my incredible photographer sister Éadaoin, so am going to concentrate a bit on better photos! Onwards and upwards, eh?!

a x


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