DIY Crafting

I had a quiet week online but it wasn’t at all quiet in reality! My Belgian Beau and I worked with family on making little Drageé gift bags (the French wiki page has more specific information!) for his goddaughter’s Baptism. Most people buy them already prepared in bags, but we decided to make it a fun weekend thing to do with everyone and made the bags ourselves. We searched for a while to find an idea for presenting them, and both really like this favour from my Grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration (how beautiful are my grandparents?!)

So we set about gathering a posse of family to put together our own versions for the Drageé.

The first workshop in the morning involved three of us measuring and cutting the fabric for the bags, the ribbons to tie them with, and the cards to write the name and date. It was actually a really lovely way to start the day, with a break in the middle to walk to the corner of the street to watch the Tour de France cyclists flying past, wheeee!

We decided to use a purple tulle for the bags, and wow, was it a steep learning curve! It’s soooo slippery, it shifts constantly as you measure and cut it, never mind sewing it later!

The tags were made with some purple craft paper and loads of lovely tools like pinking shears!

After a celebratory-Tour de France-lunch, we took to the road and found more family to help out with the Putting Everything Together stage. I worked on a lovely old Bernina to make the bags, and at first it took forever to make just one bag due to the already-mentioned slipperyness but I got into it and was flying through it!

There were about six different putting-together stages and we had plenty of hands on deck and flew through it resulting in these very pretty bags, ready to be filled with the drageé sweets on the day.

NOTE : I’m working on having better images on the blog, but just don’t have access to good software at the moment. Bear with me as I fool around with what I have!

The rest of the week was spent hanging out with a beautiful new girl in her parents garden

Some Instagram goodness for you

a x


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