Aoife’s Cushions

A few months ago I made a set of customised cushions for my lovely friend Aoife. Her boyfriend had said, once upon a time, that he liked the idea of cushions with the words “gin, love & divilment” embroidered on them. Aoife and I chatted about different ways of making them – we thought about embroidery, printing and applique. Eventually we settled on  appliqued red felt on linen and I LOVE the results! In fact, I love them so much I made en Etsy item for customising cushions.

Last night Aoife sent me pics of the cushions in their new home! They move around the house a little and look great in all spaces!

By a very pretty window.

Gussying up a leather chair.

And, sa leaba (a little Irish for my non-Irish readers)!

I’ve also started getting pictures from people of the Fund It project cushions in situ in their new homes and they look really great! I’ll make a collection of these pics and post them soon.

a x


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