Hand stitching injuries!

I spent much of yesterday and today finishing the quilt with the lovely rose fabric. I’m away from home so I usually bring a few pieces that don’t require the use of a machine with me to work on, just in case I find the time. And I did! I now have a nice collection of jabs and bruises on my fingers – I just can’t seem to avoid it when I’m doing the binding and for some reason this one was particularly tough. Bah!

The finished quilt measures 1×1.15 metres and is quite soft and warm. It’s actually a little bigger than I imagined when I started cutting the pieces but I like to work with a degree of freedom so it ended up this big!

I would have been finished days ago but the binding took forever to finish by hand! We came out to the Wallonian countryside for a few days R&R and I found the time here in between walking in the country and my new addiction to the sitcom Episodes.

Not the best shot I know but I wanted to give an idea of the size of the quilt and I’m not at home to do it in our living room. It’s fairly big though! The cream fabric is a linen mix and the yellow and the roses fabrics are cotton. The lampshade to go with the collection is simply the roses fabric and is lovely! The cushion is very sweet – it’s my first time doing something reasonably simple and I think I’m going to continue with this model for the next few collections, although I’ll add a quilt stitch – I actually meant to do the same with this one and forgot! Whoops!

There is a lampshade to go with this collection but I don’t have pictures of it just yet!

Here’s a little of that Wallonian countryside I mentioned. Oooooooooo lovely! Just like Tipperary.

a x


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