The bigger (Pinterest) picture

I had something of a “moment” the other day when I came across this picture on Pinterest stating ‘If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough’. It made me so instantly angry. Of course, whoever posted it meant it to be inspirational and motivating. Comments to the tune of “right on!” and “wow, inspirational!” testify to this fact (they’re not on this picture linked above but I imagine it’s been repinned a few times). However, it really made me gasp at the amount of pressure we mount on ourselves, in addition to that pressure of just getting through the day with a reasonable amount of sanity.

My dreams don’t scare me. They’re fairly reasonable, balanced, and, most importantly for me, happiness-orientated. After going through an intense period in the last few years of working hard to achieve huge goals, I did something of a “force quit” in January this year and took a step back to reassess those goals. Why on earth should we be frightened by the life we have laid out for ourselves? And who are you, Pinner, to tell me that my dreams aren’t good enough because I haven’t frightened myself into a position of horrific mental and emotional stress to achieve wild (“big enough”) goals?!

I’ve read a number of posts recently on blog/Pinterest/Flickr envy and on how people find it totally depressing to spend time on these sites, browsing the magnificent lives of others. And coming across pins like the ones above just exasperates the situation. We need to take a step back, and view these spaces for what they actually are – spaces where people share the very best aspects of their lives, leaving out all of the crap that accompanies day-to-day existence. Best-foot-forwards kinda stuff. The you that you bring to social occasions and parties, not the one in the kitchen looking at a pile of dirty dishes and laundry on a Friday evening or staring at the cold, empty street at 4am on an insomniac night.

I’m going to start a series of pins that read inspirational messages like “Get off my back howler monkeys!” or “You’re grand just as you are”! I came across this great picture on Feeling Stitchy blog the other day – more pinners need to see this!
Comparison Embroidery

In other news, I spent the morning rearranging my Pinterest boards to make more sense. I was looking for a cushion tutorial I wanted to work on today and couldn’t find it anywhere, so decided it needed a spring clean. I find the site so handy for crafting.

I’ve also started to use it a little for working with others – a friend and I are throwing around ideas for a gift she wants me to make and it was so handy to pin a heap of ideas and send her the link to the board. Am definitely going to be doing more of that!

And now, all of my tutorials are in one place for easy access. So, on that note, I’m off to work on that cushion I intended to start hours ago!

a x


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