Where does it hurt?

It’s been ages since I sat to do anything that wasn’t in some way functional. Even bunting has it’s place in making a child’s room pretty! Today, I was thinking a lot about the roller-coaster of emotions that has been life since moving to Belgium. It never fails to amaze me that emotional pain can cause actual physical pain in our bodies. (And I know the opposite is also true – that emotional well being can result in a healthy body too.) Sadness has the power to create pain in your tummy, or an ache you can’t identify in your chest.

I wanted to express something of that physical pain, related to an emotional one, in a form other than tears (my usual response to feeling lonely and lost in a city that’s not yet mine) and this image came to mind. I found an image of an anatomical heart, cut it out in felt and then used freehand machine stitching to attach it to some great linen. It was my first time really working on the freehand embroidery and I have to say I loved it. It’s really intense because if you don’t concentrate every second you WILL make a mistake! The irony is, that in the acute concentration of freehand embroidery, I forget everything around me and the loneliness fades…

The loose strings are on purpose as they feel like little nerve connections to the rest of the body, spreading that pain out to other parts and tiring eyes and muscles.

Where does it hurt?

Because how do you point to sadness on a doctors chart?

a x


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