Summer Schedule

I’ve been operating on “summer schedule” as they say here in Brussels. It’s a lovely thing when it means that nobody feels pressure to get back to you asap so you can take your own sweet time getting around to jobs. However, it also means that the many, many bureaucratic offices that I seem to spend all of my time visiting are on funny hours, which they only post on the door of their building and not on their websites. Trip across town this morning to discover that, grrrrrrrrr…

So I’m taking a little time to myself and to catch up on the rest of the cushions left in my Fund It project. However, before doing that, I wanted to spend a few minutes online this morning though to let youz all know about another Fund It project, being run by friends of mine in Dublin. Two Operas is the next project from the industrious team and will run in Project Arts Centre on 24 & 25 August (two days AFTER I get back to Brussels from Ireland, d’oh!). Ergodos are a prolific organisation, with always at least two projects on the go and another 40 on the back burner! Have a read through the project plan over on the Fund It site.

Ok, I’m off to pin more beautiful silk scarves to linen, whee!

a x


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