Dressing Babies

I’m in practice for the time when I will have little critters of my own and have started thinking and pinning images of baby clothes! I put my ideas to the test today and wow, oh wow, look at the results!! I made this all by myself! I used a pattern idea but didn’t like the execution and the instructions weren’t especially clear, so I went rogue and am so glad I did! Look what I made!!! I know I seem overly excited, considering I’ve been making things for a while now, but the neatness and professional finish really surprised me.


It’s a fabric that I showed my friend a few weeks ago and she adores it, so I decided to use it for a dress for her beautiful bundle of joy. I cut out the basic templates in both the blue flowered fabric and a second hand white silk scarf that I used for the lining. And I decided to go for ties instead of buttons because I like that you can lay them out flat when you’re getting a wriggle little bundle into their clothes!



Ties instead of buttons also mean that the dress will last a little longer as she grows and I can even put in an extra front panel if she gets big quite quickly. I put the tie around the waist to break the line of the dress, it has no special function. But it does make a nice bow in the front, right?



I sewed the waistband flat onto the back so it won’t irritate baby while she’s lying down or sitting back in her chair in the sun (you can see her in the background of the picture on the featured post on the right-hand side).

I’m just so proud of punch of this. I can’t wait to have my own little monkeys so I can dress them up too !

a x


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