La Rentrée

Summer is coming to an end now and it’s back-to-school for real here in Brussels (la rentrée!) I spent quite a bit of time during the month of August wondering about what’s next for me, what’s best for me and what’s possible for me – not always in that order!

Over the past 18 months so many things have changed around m and my priorities have simplified and scaled down to reflect those changes. Goals have become more accessible, ambitions less mighty and my perception of the good life has undergone major reconstruction! My mental health took a few blows over the last while and for that reason, in combination with an appreciation for the simpler things in life, I’m less and less inclined to look for a position with a major European cultural organisation. Right now, I’m more inclined towards finding something with a local community or social group. This, however, means that my French needs a renewed intensity as I’m not likely to find something local with just English. Nuts! Just as well classes started back this week!

This entry was getting longer and longer so the thoughts above will be continued in the next post…

In the meantime, while I was doing all of this wondering and plotting, I was also busy…

… watching fireworks at the Van Damme Memorial games, where I also saw Usain Bolt running and took part in a Mexican wave started by Shaggy…

… looking at tiny ponies with The Belgian at an agri fair…

… and working on a new design for my bedroom, the latest addition of which is this smart ruffled cushion! If anyone wants to know how I made it I can do a tutorial blog post – the ones I found online weren’t really suitable so I made it up as I went along (also, check out that fantastic new toile fabric I received as a gift from the wonderful Agnès)!

a x


2 thoughts on “La Rentrée

  1. Oh that’s wonderful! And yes, I believe in serendipity, or rather everything happening for a reason! I love it, beautiful ideas!

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