I tried something funny with the title of this post – just in case you hadn’t noticed… My fiancée is here laughing at me… Not with me, at me…

So this is a wee break (interlude) between two long posts because some beautiful pictures of sweet baby Lou arrived in my inbox, courtesy of her mum Gaëlle.


Here she is modeling her new autumn dress, made especially for her by yours truly! I wrote a short post on the dress a while ago but this is the first time I’ve seen her in it. It’s a little big yet but she’ll have it for the autumn with some funky tights.  Also featured in these pics are the quilt blanket she’s lying on and matching cushion I made when she arrived three months ago. Cute as a button!

Such a charmer! Here she is sporting her new ladybird bracelet which was a wee present from her Godfather, my Belgian!

I really should start writing bi-lingual posts now that I’m back at class – je dois commencer les post bilingue maintenant!

And here’s my favourite thing about Lou – she’s a smiler! She recently started laughing too and it’s something special to her her laugh! I hope there’ll be more features with this lovely lady in future, I just need to work on more baby pieces!

Oh, also! I just started using Photoshop Elements to work on my photos for the blog and I did a little work on these pics. Any comments or suggestions are most welcome, both here and by email!

a x




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