Welcome Boris!

It’s always such a pleasure to see finished Bazaar pieces going on to live happy lives in new homes. So last week I was thrilled to receive this picture from a friend of Maurits and Ivanka welcoming beautiful new baby Boris. If you look closely you can see my Pink Roses Baby Quilt peeping out from underneath dozing Boris! My friend bought the set as a gift to them on the arrival of Boris.

I love the block numbers in front of the quilt detailing Boris’ date of birth – 19.08.12 – such a sweet idea* (UPDATE). It’s a big tradition in Belgium to create a card/photo announcement for your new baby, which you send to all your relatives and friends. It’s sweet and it avoids the situation where you hear about a new baby when you are scavenging in the woods and when you’re back home forget to send a text/email/letter/carrier pigeon of congratulations, eek! The announcement cards are a great little reminder!

Congratulations to Maurits and Ivanka, and to Boris, I hope your life is full of the smell of grass and the softness of linen under your feet !

a x

*UPDATE: Eh, check your facts before publishing Aisling! The letters detail the date of the pic, not the date of Boris’ birth, but I stand by my comments that baby announcement cards are a sweet idea. ‘Coz they are!


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