Bedroom Suite

I seem to be totally lacking in inspiration for the past ten days and everything I put my hand to is coming out not quite how I imagined. So I’m not going to work on any important pieces or commissions until this silly spell is over.

This morning I continued a little with the quilt for our own bedroom at home. It’s the biggest piece I’ll ever have made and I’m quite excited to finish. I’m not in great form though – a combination of this lack-of-creativity streak, and a night barfing after eating something that upset my stomach yesterday. So I’ve already managed to stab myself twice with my huge strong quilting pins (ouch!) and also nearly broke my machine by threading it incorrectly. It’s one of those days…

Anywho… Here is the quilt in progress. Pretty eh?!


The deadly quilting pins which have taken chunks out of my hands!

Oh that toile fabric is just so gorgeous! It’s perfect for the quilt but I’ve made pillow cases with it and it’s quite tough. I’m going to try an old trick of using white vinegar to soften the fibres in the next wash and see if that has any effect. I’m using my favourite linen fabric for the back.

In these pics you can glimpse a pink version of the toile too. In fact, that’s not a pink version. That’s my massive mistake of putting pillow cases into the wash with new maroon coloured cases from Ikea and an awful colour run result! I do that sort of thing way too often… But how pretty is the pink?! Adorable!

a x


2 thoughts on “Bedroom Suite

    1. Oh Jovita, I should message you before starting anything! Brilliant idea!
      I finished the bulk of the quilt today but if you saw the state of my hands… awful!

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