Bedroom Styling Step II

Last night I finally finished the quilt for our bedroom set. It’s smaller than I originally planned up as a cover on top of the duvet it’s just perfect! I made a mistake with the binding because I wanted to try a new double-line stitching technique and I was sorry as I spent hours unpicking afterwards.

There are two different directions of quilting stitch on the top as I couldn’t find one overall type of stitch that would be achievable on my machine (so large scale stipple was out!) and that would hide the non-symmetry in the panels. So I settled for boxing the centre square and then working on triangles going outward from the centre on each side.

The two different types work really well together in the end! The back of the quilt is a large plain piece of linen and is so warm. I used a little vinegar and fabric softener when washing it to loosen the fibres so it won’t be as stiff to wrap around us when reading at night time! The front is a mix of cream linen, toile (some cream and some dyed pink by mistake!), heavy cotton and some lightweight cotton scraps in the centre. The wadding is a thin polyester/cotton blend. It can be thin because the top and bottom are so heavy and will be warm without needing extra weight from wadding.

The quilt is a major step in the styling project that is our bedroom! My wonderful Belgian father-in-law installed this bar to hang the mosquito net a few weeks ago, giving the room a princessy air. Even though it was well after summer by the time we got around to putting it up, it was desperately needed still! I found a mosquito hanging around inside the net when I was getting ready for bed last night – grrrrrr! The quilt will stay folded at the end of the bed, as in the image above, for autumn and come winter we’ll spread it out on the whole bed, pic below, to keep us extra toasty!

Now I can get to work on the finishing elements. I have a beautiful dressing table that is not in these shots and am going to make fabric boxes for the top of those. I’m also going to search for two matching bedside lamp stands and make two shades to match with the cream toile fabric. The white duvet cover with black pattern is totally wrong underneath but that is solved by a quick trip to a department store to pick up a cream cover. It will be mostly hidden in any case. I need to also find something to soften the original hardwood floor and that will be the complete set!


A longer-term project is the huge blank wall space opposite our bed. I’m going to work with my Belgian on creating a series of images from embroidery that we will hang in lots of different photo frames, creating a frame wall of embroidered pieces. Something like this I hope! More anon!

a x






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