Bazaar Photo Shoot

I’ve already waxed lyrical on how lucky I am to have wonderful friends in Nastia Gladuschenko and Damien Milan. So I won’t do that again. Instead I’ll treat you all to the results of a photoshoot which took place last weekend at their new studio here in Bruxelles, White Walls Studio. Shot by Damien and styled by Nastia, the shoot features some recent Bazaar pieces in a very flattering light and two cheeky monkeys I know you’ll all adore! Check it out on fb and like it people!

Introducing Sun and Arthur. How cute are they?!

Sun snuggled into the cream roses collection like it was made for her!

There’s always room for a little bunting.

Love love love the colours in the close-up shots.

Arthur takes a time-out on some soft cushions.

This is a much better shot of the quilt I made for our bedroom at home than the ones I took and posted myself. Beautiful!

Thanks so much to Damien and Nastia for styling the shoot with my pieces. Seriously, if you’re in Bruxelles and are looking for some quality portrait photography then you can’t go wrong with these two! I’m very glad that they’re a part of my growing Bruxelles family.

a x

PS – I’m crazy excited and crazy busy at the moment because… (drum roll… no?… ok…) Bazaar will feature in not one but TWO Christmas markets this year! Details to come, wahey!


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