Happy Christmas y’all!

I’ve only just recovered after what was a CRAZY December and am in Ireland at the moment, working up the amount of energy I’ll need to kick off the new year! The two Christmas markets in Brussels were a really steep learning curve. One quite a big disappointment and the other hugely encouraging.

Stall in Laeken

The first market on Sat 15 Dec was in Laeken and it really wasn’t an appropriate market for the kind of things we were selling. We put a lot of energy into the set-up and presentation, and the resulting low sales were something of a kick in the teeth. But we understood that the particular area of the city, and the style of market, just wasn’t suited to what we create, so we now know what specifics we need to include on our market research for next year. Our stall was sooooo pretty though!

The Set Up Laeken

The following Sunday in Hotel Berger, was (thankfully) the complete opposite! It was organised by the brilliant ladies at Second Life Festival (facebook only, their website is down) and was the perfect platform for what we do. We made a lot of contacts – both people interested in buying our pieces and other sellers who are old hat at market selling! So we did a whole lot of learning and now need to sit down and consider everything for the new year.

Set up Berger 2

(Trying to figure our where to put all the pieces in room 410)

So what am I doing for the new year?

Pink Roses collection

Mostly trying to figure out which direction I should move and where to concentrate my energies. Moving to another country has opened up huge possibilities that I never imagined but at the moment it’s very difficult to know which path I should take. I’ve been giving workshops, creating traditional style home pieces like those we sold at the markets, working on commissions which usually take a very contemporary style, working on collaborations with new friends here, and occasionally creating work that is completely non-functional, just because… It’s a lot of different things and styles and to feel like I’m working at any professional standard I really need to focus and concentrate on one or two things so that I can practice and practice and practice. What though?!

Blue Roses Collection

(Clever use of the space in our assigned room in Hotel Berger!)

I’ve mentioned before that I would love a mentor or guide to work with while I’m trying to figure this out but have no idea where to turn in Belgium for such a person. Perhaps they’re not just in Belgium, just accessible online. It’s a part of my new year plan to work on planning and locate an advisor to run ideas past so that I can get on with the business of textiles.

In the meantime, I’m back to Brussels in a week and back behind the sewing machine again! I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas and new year, full of good food and at least a little time to relax.

Photographer Self Pic

(A self-portrait by our official photographer and my official fiancé!)

I’m not one for making new year’s resolutions – why make resolutions once a year, shouldn’t we be doing this all year around?! However, I am determined to start writing in French here this year. So, beware and please don’t laugh too loud!!

a x


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