Fabric shops, Brussels // Magasins du tissus, Bruxelles

For the first year living in Brussels I spent ages looking for fabric shops, and there is little or no information available online in English. (When I first arrived my French just wan’t good enough to know what I was looking for in French!) I was lucky enough to have some family and a friend or two here who were into the same thing and were able to help me locate what I was after.

Pour le première année a Bruxelles, j’ai passé beaucoup du temps chercher pour les magasins du tissus. Il y n’a pas d’info en ligne en Anglais (et quand j’ai arrivée en Belgique, mon français été trop mauvais pour faire du recherche!) J’ai du chance avec mes amis et famille qui connais les magasins et pourraient m’aider. 

However, now whenever anyone asks me about fabric shops I know the ones I use all the time but keep forgetting that there are actually heaps of fabric shops around the city, all catering for something slightly different. So, for my own memory and to help friends searching, I’ve compiled a list here. For each shop I mention what I go there for specifically and how I feel about the shop, but keep in mind it’s very subjective to my own needs and impressions of the shops. They are in no specific order, just as I remember them!

Maintenant, quand quelqu’un me demander oú est les magasins du tissus que je préfere, je oublié tout les temps! Alors, pour moi meme et pour mes amies, j’ai fait ici une liste des magasins a Bruxelles, que je connais. Pour chaque magasin je analyse le produits et aussi mes impressions du magasin. Mais garde en tete, c’est vraiment subjectif! Il y n’a pas une ordre specific, c’est just comme je souvenir! 

Also, I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’m attempting to open up the blog a little by writing in my (still-dodgy) French too! I hope my writing will improve over time, and I hope my French-speaking readers will be patient with me!

*Aussi, je suis certaine que vous avez détecté, je suis en train de faire le blog une peu plus ouvert, avec mon (encore mauvais!) français! J’espere que ma écriture améliorera avec le temps, et si vous plait être patient avec moi!

Our Bed(I didn’t want to put in shop logos to make up for the lack of images in this post so here is one from the wonderful Damien Milan Photography that you have probably seen before!!)

Le Cameleon Coquet

This is a really cute little shop on Rue Adoplye Buyl, very close to the lakes in Flagey and to ULB main campus. They stock a small selection of Japanese fabrics and paper and don’t have huge quantities of fabric. They also stock clothes made with some of the fabrics they stock and some clothes from new Parisian designers. The fabrics are very expensive but exquisite and if you’re looking for a feature fabric, or to make something small and special then this is the place.

The current website doesn’t work* but you can find the shop on Rue Buyl.

*(UPDATE – The website is now up and running so you can view all their beautiful things here!)

Opening Hours: Tues – Sat 10am – 6pm

Le Cameleon Coquet

Une magasine très mignon, prés de les lacs du Flagey et ULB. Il y a une petite sélection des tissus Japonaise, mais pas grandes quantités. Les tissus sont cher mais exquis. Le site de web marche pas*, mais le magasin est situé sur Rue Buyl. 

*(NOUVELLE – Le site de web marche maintenant et on peut voir toutes les belles choses ici!)

Horaires d’overture: Mar – Sam 10 – 6pm

Les tissus du Chien Vert

Les Tissus du Chien Vert & Les Puces du Chien in Brussels are two huge fabric stores in Brussels that stock a wide range of fabrics and other materials such as wadding, lining, cushion stuffing, etc. They don’t have a great range of accessories such as sewing needles, thread or pins so don’t go there for your bits & pieces. They’re a little pricey but often have brilliant sales where you can get off cuts and bundles of scraps for a lot less.


Opening Hours: 10am – 6pm

Les tissus du Chien Vert

Les Tissus du Chien Vert & Les Puces du Chien a Bruxelles sont deux grands magasins de tissus, que avoir en stock une grand variété du tissus et des autres materials, comme ouatine, doublure, et rembourrage . Ils n’ont pas une grande sélection d’accessoires comme epingles et fil. Ils ont une peu cher mais avoir des ventes excellent. 


Horaires d’ouverture: 10am – 6pm

Schleiper Bernina

Oh gosh, Schleiper Bernina… Discovering this was the beginning of my love affair with Brussels. This is THE place to go for all crafty accessories from découpage to scrapbooking to knitting to sewing to jewelry making. They don’t have a vast range of fabric but what they do have is fantastic. They specialise in patchwork and home accessory fabrics so don’t go there looking for curtain fabric or jersey to make that new skirt you spotted on Pinterest! Go there to be inspired for new projects and to find that one yard of expensive fabric that will complete your whole bedroom! They also do regular workshops on a huge range of subjects and they’re reasonably priced and usually include the materials you need.


Mon – Sat 10am – 6.30pm

Schleiper Bernina

Mais Schleiper Bernina, ca c’est le commence de mon affaire d’amour a Bruxelles! C’est LA place pour tout les accessoires artisanale. Ils n’ont pas une grande sélection de tissus mais les tissus la sont fantastique. Il y a aussi des ateliers régulier. 


Horaires d’ouverture: Lun – Sam 10am – 6.30pm

Mondial du Textiles

Mondial du Textiles is my go-to place for most of my home project fabrics and accessories. I even have an account there. They regularly offer discounts on particular months or for particular stock and have a good range of textile fabric, including those you need from curtain fabric to patchwork squares and everything in between. It’s a no frills basement near Place Jeu du Balle and the staff are generally very helpful.


Opening Hours: Tues – Fri 10.30am – 6pm (lunch 1pm – 2pm), Sat 10am – 6pm, Sun 10am – 5pm

Mondial du Textiles

Mondial du Textiles est mon magasin quotidien a Bruxelles. Il y a des soldes régulier et ils ont une bien sélection du textiles. C’est une cave pres de Place Jeu du Balle et le service est en général utile. 


Horaires d’ouverture: Mar – Ven 10.30 – 6pm (lunch 1 – 2), Sam 10 – 6, Dim 10 – 5

Berger Ets SPRL (Bruxelles)

Ok, if Mondial du Textiles is no frills then Berger is “never heard of frills”! There’s a warehouse feel to the building just off Ave Anspach and it’s kinda chilly with no heating and no radio/sound of any kind. I have to say the staff are hit and miss – I was given a very rude welcome one day by a woman who was about to take her lunchbreak. “Everybody has to eat you know!” I do know and have no dispute with that, eek! But was given good advice and a friendly word by the man in the office another day. So… The thing about this place is they are usually the cheapest, IF they have what you need. They have a good range although you might have to compromise if you had something specific in mind – I can never quite find exactly what I was looking for there.


They have no online presence and I’m not sure of their opening hours (except that they are DEFINITELY closed for lunch between pm1 and 2pm!)

Contact them on 02 512 31 13 for more info.

Berger Ets SPRL (Bruxelles)

Berger est une vrai cave entrepôt pres de Ave Anspach. Le service est pas… cohérent mais c’est le moins cher magasin a Bruxelles. 


Il y a pas une vrai site de web, et je ne sais pas les horaires d’ouverture. 

Tel: 02 512 31 13


This is actually a bead and jewelry-making shop just off Place Jeu du Balle but they do stock a few fabrics in the back of the shop. The style of fabric is what you might find in Kitch Kitchen and I know they definitely stock some of that vinyl range. However, they’re super-expensive. And the finished products they supply, such as oversize cushions and some baby gear is also really expensive. I’m always hoping to catch a sale there but apparently they’re not so fond of sales for their fabric selection, just for the beads. They also stock a small selection of handmade clothing that are usually gorgeous and reasonably priced.


Opening Hours: Tues – Sun 10.30am – 4.30pm


Atchoum n’est pas une vrai magasin du tissus mais ils ont une petite stock du tissus. C’est super-chér mais aussi super-kitch. 


Horaires d’ouverture: Mar – Dim 10.30am – 4.30pm

Maison dorée

This is more like the kinds of fabric shops we have in Ireland. They’re based just at the Porte de Namur metro on Chaussee d’Ixelles and are aimed at people who are doing up their homes and need curtain fabric or need a couch upholstered. They also have a huge range of pattern books for clothes. They offer a curtain-making service which is very handy I guess if you like to pick our your own style of fabric but don’t have the first clue how to make a curtain. It’s a huge shop too, with a vast range of fabrics and I’ve been lucky a few times with off-cuts on sale.


Opening Hours: Mon – Sat, 9.30am – 6.30pm

Maison dorée

(Les textes vont plus et plus court comme je commence etre fatigué!)

Cette magasin est plus comme les magasin du tissus en Irlande. C’est juste a cote de le Metro Porte de Namur et ils ont une grande sélection du tissus pour la maison. Il y a aussi beaucoup des patrons couture. 


Horaires d’ouverture: Lun – Sam, 9.30am – 6.30pm

Maison des Tissus, Chaussee d’Ixelles

I’ve only been into this shop once on Chaussee D’Ixelles and it mostly caters for Muslim ladies looking for flashy fabric to make special occasions outfits. They have quite a big range in that specific area but don’t go there if you’re thinking of making a quilt for the new baby of your BoBo friends! As far as prices go they’re on the lower end of the scale which is handy to know if you need flashy fabric for a costume or party!


Opening Hours: 10am – 6.30pm Mon – Sat, 2.30pm – 6.30pm Fri

Maison des Tissus, Chaussee d’Ixelles

Je ne sais pas vraiment cette magasin mais c’est sur Chaussée d’Ixelles et il y a beaucoup du tissus pour faire les robes “flashy”. C’est pas chér aussi!


Horaires d’ouverture:  Lun – Sam 10am – 6.30pm, Ven 2.30pm – 6.30pm 

African fabric shops Matongé, Porte de Namur

If you’re into African textiles then the only place for you is the Matongé area next to Porte de Namur. There are a number of different shops in the area and be sure to drop into the arcades for more hidden shops. I’ve been lucky enough to receive presents of African fabrics so I haven’t actually bought any yet, so I’m not sure of the price range but if it’s something you want, go in and talk to them!

Various opening hours

Les Magasins du tissus, Matongé, Porte de Namur

Si vous aimez les textiles Africaine il y a beaucoup des magasins a Matongé, a cote de Porte de Namur. Les horaires d’ouverture sont variable.

IKEA textiles department

This is probably the same the world over although I’ve never been in another IKEA so I’m not sure to be honest! There is a small textile section in IKEA which matches the IKEA style, although the shop is the whole way out in Anderlecht so either you have a car or you set aside a half a day for the visit.


Opening Hours: Mon – Thurs, 10am – 8pm, Fri 10am – 9pm, Sat 9am – 8pm

IKEA, Anderlecht

C’est possible la meme dans chaque IKEA mais je ne sais pas parce que j’ai pas visité un autre magasin IKEA! Il y a une petite section du textiles dans le style IKEA. 


Horaires d’ouverture: Lun – Jeu, 10am – 8pm, Ven 10am – 9pm, Sam 9am – 8pm

Blue Boy close up

(Et une autre a partir de Damien!)

*You all know I have a French-speaking partner but I haven’t asked him to proof this so the mistakes are all my own!!

Vous connaissez que j’ai une fiancé francophone, mais je n’ai pas lui demander vérifiér cette text, alors tout les errors sont le mien!!


41 thoughts on “Fabric shops, Brussels // Magasins du tissus, Bruxelles

    1. Thank you for the information! I’ve updated the post and now everybody can view your beautiful things online!

      1. What a fantastic job! It’s amazing. Please do you know about any wholesale of African prints and textiles besides sonna?.


      2. Hi Francisca, thanks for that! I don’t know about wholesale African prints but there are so many shops in Matonge around Porte de Namur, you could surely find out there. I recently bought a huge length of a beautiful turquoise print for €20!

  1. Hi Ashling, Delighted to find your blog by chance. I am an Irish woman living in Brussels for the past 6 years and I have started thinking about sewing projects (covering chairs) so was searching for fabric shops. I’m pretty much a sewing novice, though I am over 50! Time to start! I am into photography and writing and all things creative but never had much patience for sewing, but now I think I will give it a go. I love colour. Best of luck with your blog and your life in Brussels.

    1. Hi Annette,
      It’s great to hear from you! I’ve had a few messages from Irish ladies living here and looking for similar outlets to you. Sometime I organise workshops and gatherings at my place, where I have a workshop, and if you like I can let you know when they’re happening and if you’re free you could come and meet with some other crafty types. Send me an email to samadhya@gmail.com if you would like to.
      My mother in law, with whom I share projects and mention quite a bit in the blog, is brilliant at covering chairs. She’s still learning herself but has done heaps for our apartment and they’re beautiful!
      Stay in touch!
      a x

    1. Oh thank you for that! I’m just about to make a new list because a number of shops have closed or changed. I’ll include K°rakol in the list!

  2. Bonjour,

    une amie rachète les fins de stocks de tissu de créateurs belges (raf simons, krisvanassche, cerruti, jeanpaulknott, et bien d’autre). Celle-ci réalise des ventes un weekend par mois. Les ventes se déroulent à Louvain mais la qualité des tissus et les prix de ceux-ci valent vraiment le déplacement!

    Prix des tissus entre 6 (coton, polyester, synthetique) et 18 euro (laine, imprimé, dentelle) le mètre. Chaque mois celle-ci tente de faire une nouvelle sélection.

    Vous pouvez vous inscrire à la newsletter via le site internet ou envoyer un mail à l’adresse si dessous.

    Bien à vous,


  3. Hello Ashley,

    Great blog, seems you are an expert by now. My question is: I would not like to create anything by myself but would like to buy a patchwork bed cover/blanket. Which shop would be my best option for some nice piece/original looks? Many thanks for the response in advance!

    1. Hi Sara, thank you for the lovely compliment!
      It really depends on what you’re looking for exactly – size, detail, quality, when you need it, etc. Etsy is a good start, I think there are some Belgium-based quilters. Also, I would be happy to make one on order, depending on your timescale! Why don’t you send me an email to bazaarcollective[@]gmail.com and I could give you a more thorough answer.
      Have a great evening!

  4. Thank you for this blog! It is super useful for me since Im looking online for the fabrics shops and the only one I could find is Maison Doree. Also, your feedback as an expert very helpful.
    I’m looking for some fabrics to create the bedding and the bed bumper for my baby. Would you know where I could find interesting things for this? Would you know if they sell the filling for the bed bumper or non-standard size of pillows?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Olesia!
      Apologies for the delayed reply, I’ve been away! If you’re looking for special fabrics and are willing to spend a bit, I would suggest Krakol. They have the best quality, gorgeous fabrics. If you’re on a moderate budget then head over to Tissus du Chien Vert. And if your budget it tight, head to GoTex or Max Bloch – you’ll still find nice fabrics, at a lesser quality but it’s still ok! For the bed bumper, I’m not sure that they have any pre-cut. You might have to buy wadding and cut the shape yourself. If you’re looking for different pillow sizes, both Tissus du Chien Vert or Ikea have lots of pillow inserts of different sizes! Happy hunting!
      a x

  5. Hi, great list! If you are going to IKEA Anderlecht, you can just dander on down past the shell filling station and check Max Bloch – http://www.maxbloch.be/en/

    Do check the opening times as they are wholesale and not open to the public every day. This is a couple of massive warehouses joined together, and you can buy every kind of fabric here from high end designer table cloths, quilting, towelling, to stuff covered in footballs that you would never imagine using!

    There is also S et A Textiles in Anderlecht – http://www.pagesdor.be/s-a-textiles-anderlecht-1070/2/

    This has the best selection of plain jersey fabric I have seen and if you need really beautiful silk sari fabric, this is a great stop. He might only take cash from memory., but is not far from Midi and beside the National Resistance Museum.

    Then I can not recommend enough the customer service I get from The Cosy Cottage in Rhode St Genes ( I know that is spelt wrongly) They always make me a coffee and stop for chat, as well as insisting that I return with my finished pieces. They have also let me in on days the shop has actually been closed, but they happened to be there for stock-taking.


    They have an amazing and extensive Kaffe Fassett, batik and Tilda collection as well as many plain fabrics and all the bits and pieces you need for patchwork. Their class list is extremely comprehensive and varied.

    For me, The Cosy Cottage is worth making the effort to get to. I will happily support such amazing customer service.

    1. Hi Claire! This is all great thank you. Max Bloch on the list already – I love going out there! It’s just a shame that it’s so far out of town and it takes a walk to get to the shop. But it’s worth it, especially when they have a sale! I’ve found some gorgeous unusual pieces there.
      I’ll add these into the list, thank you!!
      a x

  6. Hi, sorry I have forgotten the name of this shop, but it sells almost exclusively Liberty fabrics and is on Rue Darwin in Ixelles, almost opposite the Darwin Aqua Club. There seems to be a steady programme of lessons and there are six or more machines set up in a classroom at the rear of the shop. Be warned there is a min. Purchase of 1/2 meter here.

  7. Thanks for all the links 🙂 Do you know of anywhere in/around Brussels that sells Indian type fabrics (like saree material) besides Mala India (Waterloo)?

    1. Hi Michelle,
      I’m not so sure to be honest. The fabric shop Maison des Tissus on Chaussee d’Ixelles is the most likely place I can think of, but I wouldn’t be sure of the quality of the fabric. If I come across one I’ll reply.

      1. Thank you so much! I have googled the shop and plan to go there very soon. I shall let you know how I get on. Many, many thanks 🙂

    2. Hi Michelle,
      I think I forgot to reply to you after reading your question! I don’t really know anywhere that sells Indian fabrics as such. You could try the shop on Chaussee d’Ixelles, Maison de Tissu, which could have some more eastern style fabrics.

  8. Hi Aisling, I’m visiting Brussels for a day on Wednesday 13 April. Flying in and arriving at central station around 10am and flying out at 9pm that night so leaving Brussels at around 6pm. As I want to look around and see the city, try the mussels, waffles, chips and chocolate, I will only have a limited time to look for fabric. I have a lot of quilting fabric so I guess I’m looking for more in the line of dressmaking material. What one or two shops would you recommend I go to? Many thanks. Roisin

    1. Hi Roisin,
      If you’re looking for dressmaking material I’d recommend Tissu du Chien Vert on the quays. If you’re walking around town, you can get there easily on foot by walking straight along the street Rue Antoine Dansaert from Place St Catherine. When you reach the canal you need to cross over to the shop on the opposite quay. It’s not the nicest part of town, but don’t be intimidated, it’s really fine. If you don’t like walking around that much you can take the metro from De Brouckere to Etangs Noir and it’s a few metres up the quay from that metro stop. That’s such a huge shop that you will find a lot there, but it’s not the cheapest. But the quality is really good so I’m always willing to pay a little more.
      What you could do, which would be fun if you don’t mind a small trek out of the city centre, is take a metro or walk to the metro stop Porte de Namur. On the street near the stop you have another good fabric shop Maison d’Oree and then around the corner on Chaussee de Wavre there are a number of shops with African dress fabrics and they’re fabulous! If you want a good deal on an African print, there is an awesome shop in one of those long galleries. If you are walking down Chaussee de Wavre, on the left there is a small cinema called Vendome. Beside that there is an entrance to a long gallery of shops. If you go in, there is a shop on the right hand side that sells incredible fabric for next to nothing!
      I guess for the rest you can have a look at a tourist guide for tips. For a nice way to taste Belgian chocolate, you could have a hot chocolate on the rooftop terrace of the MIM – Museum of Musical Instruments. The view is incredible and the hot chocolate is pretty good!
      If you fancy mussels, expect to pay between 18 – 24 for them in town. Don’t go straight for the places on the main street Rue Anspach, or the places on Rue Bouchers. They’re very touristy, and the price will be crazy.

      1. Thanks so much Ais for all the tips. First time in Brussels and yes do plan to walk absolutely everywhere, only way to see a city I think. I don’t know if I’d have the confidence this time to try a trip outside the city, might save that for my next visit. I think the ‘green dog’ will be it 🙂 Do you know if they have a good haberdashery? I got some great things by a French manufacturer called Bohin. They are hard to find here in Dublin, wondering would they be easier to get in Brussels? That hot chocolate tip sounds great and the museum of musical instruments was on my list so looking forward to that ☕️

  9. Porte de Namur isn’t so far outside – honestly Brussels is tiny! It’s very easy to get anywhere, even places that aren’t directly in the city centre.
    I’m not so sure about a good haberdashery, I haven’t had much luck in Brussels. There’s a limited amount in Chien Vert but no giant haberdashery shop. It’s a real shame. I normally have to go somewhere else to find good pieces, like Liege or Maastricht.

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