Here we go // On y va!

Désolé mais l’anglais dans cette post est une peu trop compliqué pour mon français intermédiaire! J’essayerai faire une traduction approximative sur le concept…


I’m having increasing problems justifying being a part of Facebook’s ultra-commercial policies just so that I can see what’s going on with my family in Ireland, or find a small audience for my work. With a little more concentration on phone communication with my family, and on emailing marketing to my audience I could achieve the same without contributing to the vast project that is Facebook’s drive for control of the internet.

Plus en plus j’ai des problèmes avec le vraiment commerciale politiques du Facebook, et c’est pas justifié rester là seulement pour la raison à être connecté avec ma famille. 

As individuals we have long ceased being the target audience for Facebook and instead have become the product, being sold as swathes of marketing information to the highest buying advertiser. The gradual shift towards making the users the end product was so subtle I imagine it will be many years before we understand the full implications of many marketing companies having access to our intimate personal data, and of a piece of software such as Facebook misrepresenting us to our “friends” (see Douglas Rushkoff’s piece on that here). I’m with a growing tide of people who are choosing not to stick around to discover those implications.

Je n’aime pas le changement dans notre status – nous ne sommes pas le public pour Facebook. C’est les compagnies marketing qui sont le public maintenant, et nous sommes les produits. Je ne veux pas rester lá à découvrir les résultats du ces changements. 

But where to go? I really want to have a space to post little messages for my whole family and to share with them pics and videos of my life here, just so that I still feel connected to them at the other side of the English Channel & Celtic Sea. So, I’m going to build my own space! It will take a little time but now that things are quieter (ha! says she preparing for a wedding in one month!!) I can dedicate a portion of that time to building our own little space, free from ads and from suggested likes from places I have, or never had, any interest in. So, today I started learning with Codeacademy and I hope to hone my HTML and website control skills to such an extent that I can build the space myself.

Je voudrais bien une space comme Facebook, pour partager mes vidéos et photos avec ma famille, sans les pubs et les “suggestions” de Facebook. Donc, aujourd’hui je commence apprendre HTML et bâti des sites de web avec Codeacademy.


And yes, I realise it’s a totally hipster thing to do, but maybe those hipsters are onto something this time!!

Et oui, je sais que c’est quelque chose “hipster” à quitter Facebook maintenant, mais je crois que les hipsters ont raison! Cette fois…

Shep says Yes!

a x


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