A Belgo-Irish affair

This is what I’ve been up to the last few months! I married the Belgian, yay!

Et voilà ! C’est ce que j’ai fait il y a deux mois! J’ai épousé Le Belge, yeah !


We had the incredible Shane O’Neill of Aspect Photography for the day, and we were so happy to have chosen him. This is just a tiny selection but you can see he’s just magic behind a camera!

Nous avons eu l’incroyable Shane O’Neill de Aspect Photography pour la journée, et nous étions très heureux avec ce choix. Voici une petite sélection pour vous montrer qu’il est un vrai magicien avec un appareil photo !


images by Shane O'Neill Aspect Photography - www.aspectphotography.net

Myself and my beautiful bridesmaid Niamh!

Ma jolie demoiselle d’honneur Niamh, et moi !

images by Shane O'Neill Aspect Photography - www.aspectphotography.netInstead of searching for ages to find words for how happy I felt that day I’ll just leave you with the images.

Au lieu de chercher les mots pour exprimer comment je me suis sentie le jour du mariage, je vais vous laisse le découvrir en images…

a x


2 thoughts on “A Belgo-Irish affair

  1. Beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes posing in beautiful settings for beautiful pictures… well I guess the wedding was a success! 🙂 Congrats!

    1. It helped that we had a beautiful photographer 😉
      Thanks Alix, it was an awful lot of fun as you can tell from our grins!

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