Welcome Baby Box

Bazaar’s Welcome Baby Boxes now have their own page on the website!

Les ‘Welcome Baby Box‘ ont leur propre page sur le site ! 


Have a look through a few pics I took during the photo shoot.

Voici quelque images que j’ai prises pendant la séance photo. 






Of course, Shep was on hand to help if necessary. He’s catching up on the news with the Guardian!

Bien sûr, Shep était là pour aider. Il lit les nouvelles du Guardian ! 


Check out the page and don’t be afraid to send it on!

Consultez la page et n’hésitatez à la transmettre à vos amis ! 

a x


2 thoughts on “Welcome Baby Box

    1. I know exactly what you mean. Even if you want to have cheaper options for dressing kids, and that means buying from the high street stores, surely there is enough choice there that we can avoid the more symbolic logos? Unless they were hipsters and it was an ironic statement 😉

      a x

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