Japan Inspiration

Ok, so this is the last post on Japan, I promise!

I have to mention a shop that we found in Hiroshima. Lisu Lisu is full of beautiful vintage and second-hand clothing and handmade pieces. The style was a bit more lace and sugar than I wear personally but I was really impressed by the coherence in the design of the shop.


It seems to be run by a few really nice girls in a sort of collective. One of them chooses the clothing and others make accessories and some handmade clothes pieces. It’s not just the merchandise though, the curation of the pieces for sale, the style of the shop and the layout all work together to create something beautiful. There’s a really sweet corner where kids can sit and play, which displays kids vintage games and kids clothes.


The girls behind the counter didn’t speak a word of English, which is kinda unusual with young people in Japan actually, and I had just about enough Japanese to say hello and thank you, so we didn’t get to talk much. It’s a shame because I really wanted to ask them more about their set up. I love that they were a collective working together and that they combined handmade and vintage things in the space.


It’s an end-goal for me to have my own space for selling pieces, although it will also be a workshop so will need to be quite large. I’m collecting bits and pieces of inspiration as I bide my time starting from scratch, and Lisu Lisu had my brain firing! Actually, that’s why I was so disappointed with the maps from Tokyo Craft Guide. Two of the places listed were shops that were also craftshops but I couldn’t find one of them, and when I found the other it was closed!!! Such bad luck. I’m always looking for people doing something similar in terms of working together as a collective so it was disappointing to not see first hand how the Japanese do it.



(Spot the artist in this one !)

Another place that had me firing with ideas was this Etsy shop Friendly Toys. It’s a bit of a funny name, but the toys are so beautiful! And, unlike many Etsy shops it’s based in Europe so the postal charges aren’t astronomical. I’m thinking birthday presents for nieces and nephews for a few years!


Here are some bonus pictures of some awesome Japanese flyers and free paper.

IMG_0216 There is so much amazing paper, and even free papers! The Belgian is really into collage work and I am a paper freak myself so we stuffed our baggage with as much paper, free and bought, that we could get in there!



a x


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