cut and paste

I recently discovered the joy of décopatch and I swear, my life (by which I mean my house…) will never be the same again!! It’s the small things really.

I’m in the process of changing around my workshop at home. It’s the first thing you see when you come in the door of the large living space, and it’s always so untidy with piles of papers and bits and pieces of sewing things, and also pretty display bits that I don’t know where to store. But they’re the things that I use on a daily basis so I don’t want to pack them away in the fabric wardrobes or in the library. So I’m reorganising my workshop so that I can keep them beside me but without ruining the whole house!

photo 22

(Article 1 – boring looking folder)

I’m putting in a new set of shelves and will cover them (not with décopatch, that would be just mental) and putting up some boxes and folders. Of course, apart from the amazing stationary we found in Japan, it’s hard to find folders that are kinda cool looking when on display. Introducing décopatch!! I just took the boring old folders and covered them with things I like to look at instead! Check out my Tunnock’s Teacakes folder. For the win.

photo 5 (47)


Today I’m working on a few different projects (yeah I know, one at a time and I might actually finish them at some point in the near future!); a quilt; a dust cover for my sewing machine that sits out on my desk, so I need something perhaps using this tutorial but absolutely not this style/fabric as it’s really not me (I don’t know about you, but tutorials are absolutely one of the best things about Pinterest); and I’m going to start looking at those very cool Japanese pattern books! I love the cloth cubes in the toys book (pics here) so I might give those a shot.

a x


I did manage to complete one whole project today!

photo 3 (86)

This is the new cover for my sewing machine to keep the dust off it while it’s not being used and also to prevent it becoming an eyesore! I picked up this gorgeous vintage fabric in a flea market here in Brussels. Now if I could only figure out what to do with the untidy cords sitting on the ground under the table…


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