New and improved

Winter is coming and I want to make sure I’m prepared in terms of keeping my hands busy in the evenings and not falling into the routine of crashing in front of the tv, and also in keeping my mind busy outside of my routine administration job that now occupies much of my time. To that end I’m working to shortly reopen the Etsy shop with the collection’s I’ve been building. So I spent my free Saturday photographing all the pretty things I’ve both made, and picked up at flea markets over the last few months.

Photo Shoot

I’ve been working with the wonderful illustrator and textile designer Alice De Page, on reinventing the Bazaar logo. And I LOVE what she came up with. It’s sweet, without being too over the top, and contains elements that I love in design – simplicity and clean lines. Check out the beautiful header at the top of the website! I’m going to use it on all my printed materials too, and it’s just wonderful! I’m also still working out the design kinks in the site at the moment, so don’t judge it too harshly!

One of the best things about living in Belgium, is access to some of the best brocantes / flea markets. Depending on where you go, and what day, they range from a car-boot sale type event to a full on high-range antique market. And everything in between! I love spending a Sunday morning rummaging in the rough to find the diamonds. And sometimes you find curiosities like this vintage French vegetable grater. Chic!


Keeping with a vintage-style theme, in the pieces I create I try to use fabrics that are either one-off vintage finds, or that resemble retro design, like the Petit Pan fabrics that I use for the Welcome Baby Boxes.

IMG_0428I also found some real curiosities over the last few months too, such as these tiny cups from the 1950’s / 60’s that you used to receive in Belgium after donating blood. They’re really sweet, and what a strange idea! I think you would get a cup and saucer after every ten donations or something like that.

IMG_0343I also found these incredible vintage Telegrams at a flea last weekend! They’ll go up on Etsy too! Although I’ll have to keep a couple for myself…

IMG_0479So I’m quite excited about getting the Etsy shop up and running again with all these curiosities, but am also conscious that at the moment I’m capable of very little in the evenings after work. I hope that I’ll adjust to the new rhythm and continue to work on Bazaar in the evenings.

I’ve been trying to stay away from my blog reader for a while because, to be honest, it’s kinda tough to read about “amazing” and “brave” women who are giving up full time work to follow their dreams, while I do the opposite. But I’m starting to understand that my dreams have changed somewhat. I absolutely want my own space, my own workshop surrounded by other creators in the long run. However, in the short term, I want to be sure I have enough money for things like decent hospital for when we start our family. And to have the house ready for when our Brussel Sprouts eventually start appearing on the scene. And I’m ok with working at something that’s essentially just a money earner for the present while, and approaching the bigger dreams slower and with more patience than before. But I’m still doing workshops with some lovely ladies, which is great for both the spirit and the technique!

As usual Shep was on hand to help out on the photo shoot. Here he is chasing flies in the jungle…


a x


6 thoughts on “New and improved

  1. Dear Aisling, I understand & relate. The hardest thing is accepting these new dreams and new lives, hoping they work out for the best. Change is the only constant… Love to both you & F from Labin 🙂

    1. Hi Tamara,
      It’s so good to hear from you! I hope to get used to the new situation soon 🙂
      Hope you’re doing really great!
      a x

      1. I think we are both “amazing” and “brave” enough women who can make work almost anything they set their minds too! Other people’s lives often only seem greater. 😉 Am coming to Brussels some time soon and we should definetly have a beer! Will be in touch.. X

      2. Oh Tamara that would be brilliant! You should definitely let us know and we’ll have a Belgian beer together for sure!
        Thanks for the very sweet words!
        a x

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