Les Ateliers

I finally got back to hosting workshops again today, after a long break, first for the summer break, and then to allow time to get used to a new rhythm when I started my new job. After two months working full time I’m finally starting to adjust and feel like I have some energy left at the end of the day or the weekends. Energy which was well spent today arranging and hosting a workshop!


It’s such a pleasure to have interesting/interested people come and spend an afternoon working with their hands and sharing knowledge, stories and, most importantly, their company. The Belgian was on hand before everyone arrived to do the mountains of washing up that had threatened to take over my kitchen, and to generally make the place nice and comfortable. Merci, mon amour!


This time we had a wonderful diversity of abilities; from Alix of A Mama’s Blog, who make and sell baby clothes and textiles professionally, to a new recruit Betta who was learning basic techniques for the first time. And taking to it like a duck to water in fact!


Alix makes the most beautiful things for her little girl, and I’m hoping soon to do a full feature on her here on the blog. She is someone who has similar dreams to me in terms of shared spaces and resources.


Somewhere between the two extremes of experience is Iris, who is so innately creative she can turn her hand to any craft and have her first project come out looking professionally made! Today she shortened the hem on a dress that she bought recently. Quelle belle femme!


Today I also realised that a workshop doesn’t have to be focused on the same craft or project to make for a productive environment. We shared the sewing space with Anne (ma belle soeur!) who was working on a technique for making boxes from card, which she is learning in the evenings from Le Caméléon Coquet (for some reason it’s coming up as an unsafe link, so it’s up to your own discretion if you want to go to their website…) It’s a new project for her, but I think you’ll agree she’s well on her way!

Finding the time to do these workshops is so important. It makes me feel as though I’m not wasting my life at the moment working in a field for which I have no… grá (love/amour)…


It’s also really important for learning the subtleties and balance of working in a shared space with other creators. The speed at which people work; the balance between conversation and concentration; what types of energies work well together. It’s all the kind of things that are going to be valuable in the long run, once I start properly researching a shared working environment. It’s wonderful to test these things in the safety of a circle of friends!

Creative Brussels for the win!


Oh and the best thing about workshops – the homemade cakes!

a x


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