Snail Mail

This is my travel writing kit. The plastic bag with gold ponies and starts comes from a beautiful paper shop in Japan where I bought some seriously pretty cloud stationary. I have the Winnie the Pooh address book for a very long time, and I pick up the blank paper locally whenever I run out. I have this with me most days, although honestly, I rarely find a large enough block of free time, when I’m not on public transport, to sit and write. But I keep it in my bag just in case! My full writing kit is stored in a beautiful vintage box, although the box is now too small for the growing collection!

Letter Writing Kit

I love writing letters. I know it’s trés chic at the moment and there are a million blog posts about getting into writing, snail mail and the benefits of taking time to consider what you write, but even without all the hype, I’m totally convinced of the advantages to letters and always have been. I’ve had a “fancy note paper” collection since I was a kid (hello Irish ladies born in the 80’s!) and am always looking to add to it.

I write and receive emails and texts all of the time, and skype home regularly, so I’m always up to date with news from friends and family, so letter-writing is absolutely not about sharing the latest developments. By the time the letter would arrive at the other end that news will have changed in any case. I use letters instead to send other thoughts, usually more serious communication than I would in a text. And I find I’m so much more honest when writing too; it’s somewhat cathartic.

City of Blackbirds Moo Cards, photo credit: Eadaoin Conneally

I came across this post recently from (I love, love their style and hope to shortly have my own moo business cards! The cards above are my sister’s Moo Cards for her wonderful photography blog City of Blackbirds) extolling the joys of writing. I was really stuck by the point about writing letters and notes at work. It’s fairly straightforward if you have a small business with limited customer base that you might be able to include handwritten notes with sales, but how might that work for a larger company? Even internally between colleagues? It’s such a nice idea but everything has to be done so fast that I imagine it’s impractical.

Flow Magazine

I also just recently ordered my first copy of the international English-language edition of Flow Magazine and I have to say, I was not disappointed! I’ve been buying the Dutch version for a while now, since I first came across the winterbook in the airport at some point last year. The paper quality, the design, the style… It’s luxury for paper lovers. They give away little freebies with the magazine, including sweet bits of stationary designed by some wonderful international designers. To be honest, I like being able to read the English edition, but it’s for the images and the texture that I really buy the magazine. It’s bursting with ideas and if I’m stuck for a design or an idea for something I’m writing, I just have a flick through some of the gorgeous images and after a minute I’m full of ideas and ready to start on the project! The Flow feed on Instagram is also pretty sweet.

Lots of papery goodness!

a x


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