The thing I’m discovering about working full time and still trying to maintain something of a creative life is that I’m swiftly prioritising what I want to spend my time doing. And unfortunately, keeping up with regular posts on the blog isn’t my number one priority. I’ve read countless blog posts and Etsy team posts about how important it is to keep posting regularly to stay in touch, and I know it’s true, but I find it just so difficult. When I have spare time now, and I’m not feeling too exhausted by everything pulling at my attention, I’d rather spend my time working on something with my hands instead of sitting behind my computer. Especially as that’s what I do for over nine hours straight every day!

Heart Centerpiece

Before Christmas I spent every spare moment working on this quilt. In fact, it’s been on the go for a few years now but I decided a few months ago I was going to finish it and give it to my Mum for Christmas so the pressure was on! I really enjoyed working on it and was sooooo proud to finally finish.

photo 3 (89)I finished it the day before we left to Ireland for Christmas and I didn’t bring a decent camera with me so these finished work pictures are really bad quality, I’m sorry. I’ll try to get better quality ones the next time I’m home.

photo 4 (74)I was just so happy with the result. It’s really warm and very soft as I found a thick cotton blend for the back. It made a very impressive package ones wrapped up!

I also finished a number of commissions for Welcome Baby Boxes and started working on my Etsy page with a combination of the Baby Boxes and beautiful vintage pieces I’ve come across in Belgium. So I’m keeping busy!

Now I’m about to start another big project, a quilt I’ve been trying to start for some time now, but I was just really stuck on it. The idea was to make it in the same style as the beautiful vintage scarf cushions I made for Fund It, but I tried two different styles and left one before it was finished and turned the other into something else because it was just not working for me. I think I’ve finally found a little inspiration and started cutting today.

photo 5 (50)

All of the time I’m not appearing online I’m doing practical things so I haven’t disappeared completely, just online! I recently set dates for the next year for an atelier once a month with my creative gang. I’m thrilled about that. And I’m also hosting a retreat next month with some lovely ladies, some of whom will fly over from Ireland especially for the occasion!

photo 1

So you might not see me around here as much as before but I’m still in the ether, hanging out with Shep and trying to keep his hair off all my work, and if you want to see more of me, well you’re just going to have to start coming the ateliers!

a x


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