Etsy Teams

Every few weeks Etsy releases a post about Etsy Teams and it usually makes for interesting reading. Etsy is the international platform for people selling handmade or vintage objects and you can buy directly from the seller and communicate with them, with no middle man retailer. I have a Bazaar shop on there for a while now although it needs some more work.

etsy logoThe idea behind the Etsy Teams is that you coordinate with other Etsy sellers in your area and offer each other support and advice on different aspects of having a shop on the platform. To be honest, I read the frequent blog posts on Teams but I never really saw the attraction of the teams until now.

This week after being on Etsy for a year or so and not selling one little cushion online, I had almost given up on it as a sales platform when two things happened at once: I made my first sale on Etsy, yayyyyyyyyyyy!! and, I received an email from one of Etsy’s European coordinators asking me if I wanted to attend an Etsy Belgium Team meeting in Antwerp today. The sale made me hold back on giving up just yet and I decided it might be worth speaking to other people to see if they had the same issues I’ve been having. It turns out, they have!


(This is one of my Welcome Baby Boxes on my shop!)

I met some great people today and came away full of ideas and, even more important, full of the energy to follow through on some of those ideas. It’s really tough to keep motivated when you’re giving 8/9 hours a day to an office that’s literally sucking the life out of you (and I mean that “literally” – I feel so drained at the end of every day) and meeting others in exactly the same situation was great. They are the kind of people who say “I can help you with that” and really mean it.

treasury team belgium

We cooked up some great plans today and I hope to share those with you all in the coming weeks. Watch this space!! In the meantime, I created an Etsy treasury (above pic!) with items from the many sellers I met today so check them out!

a x


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