February Workshop

I’m hosting a crafty meet-up once a month at home and will post a little bit about them each month. Yes, I realise it’s still January, but in February the dates won’t work out for the workshop, so I held the February one at the end of January! (So, if you’re following all of this confusion, it means the next workshop will be the first weekend of March!)

photo 3 (90)There were two new additions to the workshop this time around, and I’m so thrilled to be always meeting new, talented people, and sharing my little bit of crafty paradise with them.

SilSil comes all the way from Argentina and is chief bottle-washer over at Pencilory. Her illustrations are beautiful and she paints them onto ceramics and other curious objects. I had the luck of meeting Sil last week at my first Etsy meet-up and am so glad I was there. Check out her Etsy page too!

photo 4 (75)You all know multi-talented Amy very well, being my chief conspirator in all crafty matters, and just behind her in this pic is Maggie, all the way from the US of A (Maggie’s Etsy page is right here!). In the space of a few minutes and with all the non-chalance of a practiced hand Maggie created this beautiful painting below as an experiment. I’ve always wanted to be able to draw and I was reminded of that after spending the afternoon with these ladies and our regular paper-wizard, Anne. For the moment though I’ll stick to my needles and thread!photo 1

Anne is experimenting with making greeting cards for different occasions and this is the very sweet card that she worked on for this afternoon’s session. Oooof, Anne is much clearer in that picture than her gorgeous card. I’ll have to use the better camera the next time!


Following a week of some verrrrrrrry interesting conversations I can tell you now that there are big crafty things being planned for this year, about which I’m already very excited! We’re already talking regular meeting dates, markets and pop-up’s! Yayyyyyy πŸ™‚

vb trousers

I also spent the evening working frantically with the Belgian to try and put the finishing touches on the costumes for the next Venusberg performance. The gang will perform on 6 & 7 February in Tour & Taxies, in Brussels, and there are still some stitches to be put in trousers. I had the pleasure of trying an experiment on one of the costumes today, but I don’t want to reveal too much of that before the performance so that it will be a surprise for the audience. You’ll just have to come and see for yourself!!photo 5 (51)Of course we all know the real reason why we come together for crafty business – the snack table!! mmmmm….. Amy’s fantastic soda bread scones were a winner πŸ™‚

a x


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