Bazaar Creative Retreat: #1



Next weekend I will host the first Bazaar Creative Retreat in Brussels. I’m especially excited about the idea because I think it’s something that a) could grow and b) I could be quite good at! If my weekend crafting days over the last year have taught me anything it’s that creative people like the opportunity to hang out together. Whether they’re working on projects together or just working on something of their own, we like to be together for a short period of time, to share and learn and support. Bounce ideas around and learn a new skill.

This is Step 2 in a many-step plan to eventually have my own creative space: a permanent workshop with enough space for a few creators to work together, give public workshops, share a cup of coffee and sell a few creations. In any sector I’ve worked in I’ve found that I really like to bring people together who I know will be good for each other. Curating people if you will…

So, next weekend I have ladies flying in from Ireland, in addition to my multi-national group in Brussels, and most of those who will come are involved in creation of some form in their professional lives. There will be tea…

a x


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