Etsy February School

I mentioned previously that at the start of the year I attended an Etsy meeting in Antwerp and met some very motivated and enthusiastic Etsy sellers from the Belgium Etsy Community. We will meet again this coming Sunday in Brussels and I’m very much looking forward to meeting them again.

meeting jan 14

Etsy is still growing in Belgium. There are over 1,000 members of the Etsy Belgium Team but only about 25 of those are really active members of the discussions. Perhaps if we’re somehow able to make the team more visible we’ll be able to encourage more active participation. It’s something we’re working on as a team for the next few months and I hope it has some impact. I think if other sellers realised how much support and encouragement there is from the other team members they’d be faster to participate. I certainly didn’t know before I went to the Antwerp meeting and I’m soooooo glad now. When you post an issue or tricky problem you’re facing on the team page there is a wealth of very constructive criticism that can help you to move forward.

To this end, I’ve created a treasury of items sold by members of the Etsy Belgium Team. Have a look at all of the talented creators creating work by hand in Belgium!


As a part of the last meeting, our team captain, Karolien of Leoki Nar shop, suggested we take part in “school” which was being organised by Etsy internationally during February. February is a great month to review and renew. It follows the exhausting winter period and (in Ireland at least, not in Belgium apparently!) spring arrives on 01 February, calling nature to wake up after the winter rest. Karolien gave us each a partner from the team and after a few initial hiccups (languages are always going to be an issue in a country with three national languages – French, Flemish & German –  and one additional semi-ubiquitous one – English!) we were off to school!

We’re two weeks in and it’s been brilliant so far. The programme and the educational tools provided by Etsy are quality materials. The School Workbook is as good as anything I came across in college studying cultural project management. I’ve had my own Etsy shop for some time but to date have only one small sale. I’m hoping that the things I’m learning through February will help me give my little shop a push and get me on the road to being a fully fledged seller.


Watch this space!

a x


8 thoughts on “Etsy February School

  1. what a fabulous idea. I have had 2 etsy shops at different times and I used to try and be active in the group, both shops are very quiet at the minute as I deal with a hectic job, frequent travel as well as renovating an apartment and various other things, but I would love to hear tips if you pick up any along the way!
    (I also realise I completely forgot to email you about the craft nights you organise…will do so now!)

    1. Do! Send me the email – the next Crafty Sunday is coming up the first week of March so send me an email now and I’ll send you on the details 🙂

      I must say, I feel so lucky that I took the chance to go to that first meeting, the Etsy bunch are great! I’m learning a whole lot about managing my expectations for my Etsy shop. If you decide to go back to Etsy definitely join a team!

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