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I’m swiftly learning that, with the exception of having a strong community around you, the most important element of developing your independent business is good planning tools. Of course, I should be very aware of this having gone through Cultural Project Management in college, but there’s a huge difference between managing other people’s cultural projects, and starting your own from scratch. Being responsible for both the creative and the management side of a creative business is not for the faint-hearted.

Lucky for me, I have a great community around me. I have a hugely support circle of family and friends, and am swiftly developing a network of other creators in Belgium and abroad, with whom all problems are halved, quartered and cut into little pieces! The tools I’m discovering as time goes on. There are many resources out there for independent creators, and I’m learning which are useful and which are white noise in the information overload we are living through.


The first of these is the Etsy February School workbook. I’ve already written about this before and how useful I’ve found it for developing my Etsy shop over the course of February. Etsy have a whole host of tools available to their sellers, and you don’t have to be a member to access the blog but for the more specific tools available through teams you have to sign up, in particular the Sellers Handbook. I’m deep in these tools, hoping to develop my wee shop!

Another resource I came across by chance while going through my blog reader was Do What You Love. This is an amazing free resource for creators who are anxious about developing different parts of their businesses alone. After spending a while reading through in amazement at the free resources, I downloaded the New Year’s Revolution – a practical kit designed to get you thinking critically about your practice. I’m a little late to it, having only started in February, but I think this is a resource that will be useful whenever you start using it.

do what you love

[Image from DoWhatYouLoveForLife]

Another book I found full of great start-up tips is The Handmade Marketplace. It’s quite USA focused but still relevant for creators just starting from scratch. I go back to it occasionally for tips and little ideas to inspire, more than using it as a structured planner. If you’re interested in the book, I recommend getting the latest edition because some of the information on existing blogs/markets, etc. will have changed over time.

Do you have any more tips on great resources for independent creators?!

a x


2 thoughts on “Creative Business Tools Online

    1. Oh these are great Tamara. I hadn’t heard of Handmadeology but I’ll definitely be following their newsletter, that looks cool.
      I’ll check out your pinterest board when I’m at home later. I love pinterest but I rarely use it for browsing, normally just for keeping together links for patterns and ideas. I’ll have to start exploring more, including your business board!
      a x

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