Weekend’s Bounty

I’ve talked a lot with my Etsy team and with other creative friends about how difficult it is to balance everything that needs to be done. When you work full-time, or even part-time, that means what time you have left has to be divided into both working on your creations, and all of the online and offline work that goes into promoting what you do and making sure there is somewhere for it to go when it’s finished!

cushion 1

I make good use of the evenings but love having a whole day at the weekends to tick things off the list. This weekend involved heading out to find some stuffing and finishing some cushions which have been in the To Do list for some time! They’re still not completely finished but they’re a bit closer to going up onto the Bazaar Etsy shop before the end of the month. Fingers crossed!

photo 4 (82)

Some are still waiting to be stuffed but I’m delighted with those I managed to finish!


This enormous vintage Christian Dior is going to be fantastic when it’s done but I couldn’t possibly stuff it this weekend or that would have entirely depleted my stock of stuffing. I’ll get some more, hopefully next weekend (going to the shops for raw materials is also a pain when you work full-time…) to finish this beauty!

photo 3 (95)

They make such gorgeous cushions when they’re finished and are perfect feature pieces for an almost-finished living room or bedroom. Especially the oversized ones! Pure luxury!!

a x


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